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8 Simple and Fresh Look For Women With Rosacea


Many women suffer from the inflammatory skin disease called Rosacea. This disease is characterized by bumps, redness and blemishes that resemble the look of pimples. Since we are living in an image conscious world, people suffering from this diseases encounter detrimental effects that goes beyond the physical. The appearance of rosacea can surely lower the self esteem and confidence of a person.


One thing that can help women with Rosacea is the use of make up products. With various make up tips and techniques, you can easily conceal your rashes and avoid the detrimental effects of Rosacea. Here are some tips to help you out:


1. Apply primer.

The very first thing that you should do when applying make up is to apply primer. Opt for a primer with silicone then apply this evenly on your face, most especially the affected part. This will provide a barrier in between your face and the make up products that you will be applying. This step can help you achieve a flawless look. More than that, it allows you to protect your skin from possible irritation as brought about by possible infections. This will promote both the health and the beauty of your skin.

2. Opt for a brush.

When it comes to managing skin infected with rosacea, the perfect tool to use would be a brush and not a sponge. As we all know, using clean and sanitized tools is important in maintaining the safety of the skin. Opt for a brush as it is a lot easier to clean than a sponge. When you use this, you are rest assured that your tools are highly sanitized.

3. Go for the dewy look.

When it comes to choosing a make up product, it is best that you go for a liquid or gel form instead of a powder one. This is applicable for make up products like blush, concealer and foundation. Powder make up has coarse particles that can cause irritation to the skin. On the other hand, liquid or gel make up can provide the moisture that your skin needs the most.

4. Keep your eyes simple.

Liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara must be avoided by people with rosacea. This is because such products migrate to the different parts of the face and may lead to skin irritation. Plus, the removal of such products would require the use of harsher and stronger make up removers which can be a nuisance to your skin.

5. Use yellow based make up products to cancel out the redness.

When it comes to concealing redness and marks of rosacea, it is recommended that you shy away from using green base under your foundation. When you do this, your skin will look grayish or greenish after applying foundation. This color will not go away no matter how much foundation you apply on your face. The best thing that you can do is opt for yellow tinted products. These are effective in canceling out the redness brought about by rosacea.

6. Use sheer color for blush.

Since your skin is already red enough, you would not want to make it look more reddish by using some blush on products. If you want to highlight your cheekbones, you may opt for a highlighter in sheer color. This works the same as a blush on.

7. Use natural mascara.

Nowadays, you can find lots of brands carrying natural and organic mascara products. What makes these a perfect option for people with rosacea is the fact that these are very easy to apply. In addition to that, these are also very easy to remove. You do not have to rub your eyes or soak them in water. Just wipe and wash it using warm water and you are good to go.

8. Sculpt your face with a sculpting powder in a brown shade.

If you wish to make your face look slimmer, you can try contouring your face with the use of a sculpting powder. Opt for one in brown ashy shade so that it will resemble the color of the shadows in the face. Avoid the ones with reddish or orangey shades as it will make your face look unnatural.


Follow these simple steps and you can surely conceal redness and rosacea.


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