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16 Hysterically Funny Makeup Quotes and Memes

feature | 16 Hysterically Funny Makeup Quotes and Memes

Here’s something to brighten up your day, some of the funniest makeup quotes and memes served right for makeup lovers.

Makeup Quotes and Memes That Will Have You ROFLMAO

We can all relate to #pinterestfails on contouring or hiding Sephora purchases from your boyfriend (that NARS blush was a necessity). But these funny makeup quotes and memes are downright hilarious it’ll have you cracking up by yourself.


1. How Not To Color Match

So much truth in this! hahahaha! I literally don’t remember how many foundations I bought that made me look like an ashy corpse.


2. Contour is Life


How about that time you first learned about contouring? It already had you thinking of different makeup quotes to use on your caption.


3. Oh, You Have No Idea

I’ll say it again, you have no idea. Hahahaha! Only makeup lovers would know it actually took more than 10 products to create this.


4. Speaking of No Makeup Looks

This is definitely not one of them.


5. What Your Crush Wants, He Gets

Sometimes we cross the line a little bit and go a little beyond, but makeup keeps us sane, so it’s all good.


6. The Liquid Lipstick Game

I don’t do this with my liquid lipstick but this is a funny makeup quote and meme, definitely had me LOL-ing.


7. That Subtle Smoky Eye

Who else can relate to this? Admittedly, it’s so much easier to create a smoky eye look compared to when I was learning how to do it. I’m pretty sure this happened to me. hahahaha!


8. How Much Makeup Costs

That time my husband asked me how much I had spent an afternoon at Sephora. He should be glad I didn’t go overnight.


9. Me When I’m Broke

Luckily, I can’t go overnight at Sephora because just 2 hours there and this is me the next day.


10. Sephora Splurge Coming Up!


There are also days when I’m like this, couldn’t handle my emotions at the mention of the great Sephora.


11. Even Villains Can’t Beat The Smokey Eye

Image via Avengers Memes

Even your favorite villain has his work cut out for him because his smokey eye game is all sorts of fail.


12. Wings That Can Fly

Image via Marie Claire

But your winged liner game is Amy Winehouse on point and you can’t wait to share it on Instagram.


13. Hide. Now.

Image via memegenerator

When even your eyeshadow gets you threats from Liam Neeson.


14. Highlight On Fleek


When they said only highlight the high points of the face, but you’re there clearly not taking notes.


15. Fat Chance


Who ever thought I put makeup on to impress boys have absolutely no clue. That’s why this makeup quote is giving me life!


16. You’re So Extra


How far would you go on that wing?


Take a look at this hilarious makeup fails served by Nikki G.

It’s good to have a nice laugh sometimes especially when it’s about things we can totally relate too. , #6 is my absolute favorite but all of these definitely gave a good laugh.


Do you have any funny makeup quote or meme you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below, and if you’d like to avoid makeup fails yourself, go ahead and check out these tutorials from Pixiwoo.

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*Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on Mar 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


Featured Image via Makeup_memes

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