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full-length-shot-young-curvy-woman | Tips From The Experts | How To Get In Shape | featured

Tips From The Experts | How To Get In Shape

Want some tips on how to get in shape and stay that way? RELATED: 11 Self Care Products For Skin, Hair and Nails At Home How To Get In Shape & Stay That Way 1. Be Active. During work, remember to walk around and don’t sit for the entire 8 hours. Take the stairs rather than the elevator if…

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sport woman sportswear relax stand after | Weight Loss Habits For A Slimmer You in The Morning | featured

9 Weight Loss Habits For A Slimmer You in The Morning

Learn how to get slimmer in this article! This roundup of weight-loss habits will help you achieve your body goals and keep you healthy at the same time! RELATED: DIY Body Slimming Wraps | Affordable Ways To Slim Down How to Get Slimmer | 9 Weight Loss Habits to Master Get Slimmer & Healthier One of the things…

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professional cosmetics eyebrows open jar brow | Everything You Need To Know About Soap Brows | Featured

Everything You Need To Know About Soap Brows

Ever heard of soap brows? I'm sure you have. But what is it really? And is it worth all the hype? Let's talk about the soap that's literally raising brows. Soap brows are one of the most recent makeup trends. Nope, don't let the term "soap" fool you. This is not a skincare hack. In this article: …

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close up photo of pink lip gloss | Best Drugstore Lip Gloss You'll Obsess With | Featured

10 Best Drugstore Lip Gloss You’ll Obsess With

Affordable drugstore brands have been upping their game. They bring us the best lip products with fun packaging and to-die-for formulas! Whether you prefer a gloss that reflects (and protects against) the sun or one that works as a hybrid moisturizer, I've lined up for you the cream(y) of the crop. Here are the crown jewels…

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Skincare Routine Transition From Winter To Spring

When the season changes from winter to spring, it’s essential to switch up your skincare routine to address your skincare needs. Read on to learn more! RELATED: 2020 Skincare Trends: 7 Biggest Beauty Innovations To Watch Out For Winter to Spring Skincare Transitions You Must Know 1. Opt for Lighter and Milder Cleansers The harsh…

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studio portrait young cute blonde model | Simple And Clean Rhinestones Makeup Tutorial | featured

Simple And Clean Rhinestones Makeup Tutorial

Rhinestone makeup makes your face look absolutely stunning with very little effort. While it may sound scary for some people to put face sequins and rhinestones on their eyes, learning how to apply rhinestones to face is actually very easy and straightforward. RELATED: How To Use Glitter Makeup And Not Look Crazy | Makeup Tutorials Simple & Easy…

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pensive woman with red hair strand | How To Create The Perfect Eyebrow Slit | Featured

How To Create The Perfect Eyebrow Slit

Dying to try out an eyebrow slit, but aren't ready to commit to shaving it? Fortunately, there is a way to get a temporary slit. Drop that eyebrow shaver! If you're over feathery brows, check out how to cop temporary eyebrow cuts. RELATED: Eyebrow Tutorial | Finding The Right Brow Shape For Your Face The Shave-Free Eyebrow Slit Tutorial…

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