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Cat Eye

How to apply eyeliner, the best cat eye makeup tutorials, how to do cat eye makeups, sexy cat eye makeup and how to put on eyeliner.

8 Eyeshadow Ideas For Black Women
Looking for eyeshadow ideas for black women and for other ladies with dark skin tone? We see a lot of eyeshadow ideas for green, blue, brown and even hazel eyes but most of them are for women with fair skin. This post focuses on the best eyeshadow colors and other eye makeup tips for women with darker…
Cool Everyday Punk Makeup Tutorial
Beautiful, glamorous, and yes - edgy. These are three words to describe Sara Garcia, one of our favorite makeup artists.  Here she recreates her daily look: A glamorous punk rock makeup tutorial. Sara's styling is what makes it so edgy. The bold brow and winged eyeliner are an achievable look to incorporate into any daily getup. Add…
Our Favorite Glitter Eye Makeup Looks+Tutorials

Glitter eye makeup can really take your boring or bland makeup to the next level, especially for special occasions such as birthday parties, a night of clubbing or maybe even a wedding. It's fare to say the glitter trend is not for everyone, but it can add some well needed 'pizzaz' to your eye makeup so don't count it out just yet.

Keep in mind that this trend does require some 'know how' to achieve a flawless, professional finish. If not done correctly it can look childish or clownish, but when done correctly it is absolutely beautiful

Don't believe me? Well we've rounded up the most stunning glitter makeup looks from around web, guaranteed to make you want to try this trend!

How To Do Winged Eyeliner
Winged eyeliner is a beautiful eye trend that we. Can be a bit tricky to master for those who were just trying to learn this skill.  But on the contrary once perfected this will create that sultry, dramatic look that most of us wants to achieve!
Makeup Tutorials | Cat Eye Bump Up
Makeup Tutorials | Cat Eye Bump Up
Super excited because today I’m starting a new makeup series of all the different ways to bump up your day makeup for nighttime! So let’s kick it off with the cat eye!
Makeup Tutorials | How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner in Seconds
There are many ways to apply black liquid eyeliner. Surprisingly enough - it's one of the few things every woman has yet to master. It's not an easy task, but luckily it can be done with a can do attitude. This video tutorial offers some really clever advice on how to apply liquid eyeliner very quickly (literally she does…
beauty posts | Favorite Beauty Posts on Instagram this Week
Favorite Beauty Posts on Instagram this Week
Beauty posts really inspire us to get creative with our hair and makeup. This week we've rounded up some of the most stunning hair and makeup looks from Instagram. Check them out below. Pink Hues There's no better time to experiment with hair colors than during the summer and Ming Lee Simmons did just that with…