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Chic Boho Makeup Tutorial Perfect For Any Season
I appreciate the boho look so much because it is somewhat of a counterculture to many of the norms around us, so I’m bringing you a boho makeup look tutorial… Tweet Share Share Pin 11 11 Shares
Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a Pro With These Easy Steps
I have a lot of liquid lipsticks in my kit and with all the many beautiful colors and different finishes, I just have to make sure I know how to use it correctly or else all these beautiful formulations will go to waste… Tweet Share 2 Share …
How To Choose The Right Blush For Your Skin Tone | Makeup Guide
In a world full of information readily available to anyone, I can understand that it could be a challenge knowing how to choose the right blush for your skin tone and I am on a quest to make it easier for you to get to that perfect blush that is just right for a flushed,…
Amazing Female Superhero Makeup Tutorials
We care a lot about beauty and makeup but that doesn't mean we can't save the world. Get all the girl power feels you need with these superhero makeup inspirations.
Instagram Beauty Hacks | Craziest Makeup Tutorial Guide Compiled

The world of beauty and makeup has been around since ancient times. It definitely has experienced a lot of changes and innovation from different eras, culture, and civilization. In a time when social media is a way of living it isn’t at all surprising to find crazy Instagram Beauty Hacks and I have listed some of them for you.

Pop Art Grunge Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Join the DC Universe with this pop art Harley Quinn makeup tutorial. Aside from being Joker’s sidekick, her edgy, yet feminine image has tickled a lot of us makeup geeks into recreating her playful look.