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Chic And Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas For Women

Chic And Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas For Women

Don’t look shabby on your Thanksgiving party or dinner. Find out chic and comfortable Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women!

My family and I are in a planning sprint on how to go about our Thanksgiving party. I am too. Since we’ll be spending it out of state, I have to work hard to make sure I get to publish all the posts I want in the coming weeks. I also prepare what to wear. Your outfits during the holiday are very important. Aside from the fact you want to look and feel good during your gathering, you want to feel comfortable when you have to run errands or travel – like me! – without compromising style and fashion. How do you do it? Read my Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women!

Chic And Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas For Women

13 Fall Fashion Choices You Can Mix And Match For Your Personal Thanksgiving Style

My choices for Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women are a combination of timeless, basic pieces and trendy ones. I made it this way because I want to let you know you don’t need a complete overhaul of your closet every fall just to look your best! However, a little update here and there, as well as a smart mix and match, helps avoid making you look plain and boring.


1. Sneakers


Boots or sneakers? We all know either of the two do very well this fall, but since we’re looking for comfort, I believe sneakers win. I also love the fact they help create a more casual, laid-back feel than boots. They’re ultra stylish too! You can pair them with almost all of the pieces found on this list.


2. Plaid Sleeves


Plaid sleeves are a fall classic and the easiest way to add color to the season, and they come in different styles including gingham and flannel. But don’t limit yourselves to sleeves! Today you can find plaid skirts, pantsuits, and pants, just to name a few.


3. Cardigan

How do you spell warm this Thanksgiving? It’s cardigan of course! A combination of ripped jeans, ankle-length boots, loose top, and a cozy long cardigan is all you need to look street chic.


4. Tights

Can you ever imagine fall without tights? I can’t! But here’s the thing: tights are so common they can look boring. To make it appear updated, pair them with sneakers, bright tops, and shorts (instead of skirts). Or you can be extra stylish, choosing non-black colors or even printed ones. And please don’t commit this grievous fashion faux pas: wearing them like jeans! They’re not jeans, so you have to wear them underneath something!


5. Modern Vintage


Bell-bottom jeans, floral printed dresses, and ruffles are just some of the retro outfits that are making a huge comeback this season, giving you the license to go modern vintage during your Thanksgiving get-together. For a more smashing and sexy look, I highly recommend this scoop-neck figure-hugging midi dress from Amazon for as low as less than $14! Classy, retro, and beautiful.


6. Skirts


Short skirts, long skirts, midi skirts, flowing skirts – you never run out of choices. Heck, you can even wear a tutu! These skirts can go well with boots, heels, wedges, and sneakers. You can also pair them with loose tops, plain shirts, bomber jackets, and statement furs. Just don’t try mixing your long skirts with tights, or else, the look is useless. Be careful too with long skirts paired with oversized coats or furs, especially if you’re petite, as they can make you look smaller. Don’t wear big jackets, sweaters, and tops whose lengths are longer than your skirt.


7. Ponchos And Cape Coats

I love ponchos and cape coats! I basically have about five pieces of them, and I bring around two to three every time I travel. I actually prefer them over jackets and sweaters since they’re extremely easy to wear and take off. Best of all, they make a statement especially if you go for patterns or bold monochromatic colors. But please, avoid wearing ponchos over very short skirts.


8. Statement Furs

When it comes to fur, the trend is big, bold, and fun. So embrace less-preferred colors like pink, green, and red, as well as furs with furry balls (yes, you can find one) and patterned furs. In other words, be daring!


9. Oversized Coats

Oversized coats are still so in this season, but while you can go for a safe combo of boots, casual shirt, and jeans or loose pants, these coats can look just as great on a maxi dress, in trendy colors like pantone, long skirts, stilettos, and leather boots.


10. Prints


A blazer with safari print is all you need to keep yourself warm, chic, and glam this Thanksgiving. If this print is too much for you, then try something else like geometric, abstract, or floral. In fact, you can go for print on print, although this one is tricky to pull off. Needless to say, right now you’ll never go wrong with this style.


11. Ripped Jeans

These days a girl’s closet should already include a pair of acid-washed ripped jeans. It’s one of the cool ways to look sexy and edgy without showing too much skin. Any woman – and I mean anyone – who dares to wear it can instantly look glam especially when it’s paired with high heels, plain top, and accessories like scarves and wide or fedora hats. Ooh, just sexy!


12. Grunge

Grunge is also making a huge comeback, although it’s more tamed and styled than the original. It’s also easy to recreate this look: boots, tights, shorts, and statement shirts, and you’re good to go. But to complete your spunky persona this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to pair your outfit with the right makeup.


13. Blue

Blue is one of the stand-out colors this season, partly because the marine look is trendy. Personally, blue reflects the mood of the season: cold but bright! The easiest, most practical, and most comfortable way to embrace blue is to wear denim jeans, or you can go retro such as the image above.


If you need more inspiration for your Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women,  YOU-HAVE-TO-WATCH THIS! Check out this video from Mason And Ivy’s Fall Collection (PS: love the song and the cinematography – gorg!):


Are you ready for the Thanksgiving? These Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women should give you a really nice head start and provide you with one thing to worry less. Nevertheless, remember, when it comes to fashion and style, trendy isn’t a priority. It’s about sticking with pieces that reflect your own sense of fashion, personality, and confidence. Chic and comfort should always go together.


What are your Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women? I’m eager to find out. Share them in the Comments section below! Get an additional tip on how to look glam and chic this holiday here.


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