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Colorful Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are such a blessing; they’re gorgeous and make your look instantly unique. While working with brown eyes isn’t too difficult compared to women with blue or green eyes, it can still be hard to find bold eye makeup tutorials to spice up your look!

Colorful Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Purple, yellow and green? Yes, you’re seeing it right. Are you ready to do this?

This look is yours for the taking…try it now!

Step 1

The highlight of this look is the colorful eyeshadow so you gotta make it stick! As with all eye makeup, always start with an eyeshadow primer and lather it all over the eyelids.

Rule of thumb: Always start with a primer

Step 2

Use a very light sandy-toned eyeshadow and apply on the crease. This should help with the blending once you’ve applied the main colors.

Apply a light eyeshadow to the crease

Step 3

This is where the magic begins. If you have a hard time finding a light brown/dusty rose shade, you can use a blusher for this since it’s a common shade. So using an eyeshadow brush, apply the eyeshadow on the outer V and into the crease.

Pick a brownish shade as the first eyeshadow

Step 4

To drown out the red undertones of the brown eyeshadow, you will now apply a violet shade on the crease and blend it well.

Use a violet eyeshadow to drown out the red undertone

Step 5

Now let’s get colorful! Use a bright yellow eyeshadow and put this on the eyelids. Again, blend it well.

Pick the brightest yellow eyeshadow you can

Step 6

Before working on the bottom lash line, apply a thin line on your upper lash line using a gel liner. Create a small winged eyeliner.

Apply eyeliner thinly along the lash line

Step 7

Apply a bright blue eyeshadow on the bottom lash line. Color it all the way.

Use a bright blue eyeshadow on the bottom lash line

Step 8

Using the same yellow eyeshadow you used on your lids, blend this in with the bright blue to form a green color! Look at how that shade makes your brown eyes pop!

Blend the yellow and blue together

Step 9

Complete the eye makeup by applying false eyelashes and then following it up with mascara.

Wear falsies and mascara to open up the eyes more

And that’s it! You have wonderful and colorful eyeshadow that just makes you all the more gorgeous with those hazel eyes!

Behold, the finished look


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