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13 Fun DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas For Proper Storage

Are you in dire need of a DIY makeup organizer? Your makeup stash is getting bigger by the day and you’d want to approach this situation in a practical way. Here’s how to do it!

DIY Makeup Organizer that Will Clean Up Your Space

It’s true what they say: a girl can never have too much makeup. Like me, most girls are becoming obsessed with a wide array of palettes! That’s not a bad thing at all because it encourages us to be more creative. Besides, with all the beauty blogs, inventive products and YouTube videos popping up, how can we resist? Scattered makeup no more. It’s time to reclaim your space! These awesome DIY makeup organizers ideas will save you space and trouble. Say goodbye to messy countertops and say hello to beautiful makeup displays!

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13 Fun DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas For Proper Storage

I don’t know about you but I always get a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment whenever I make something out of nothing (or almost nothing). Instead of throwing or storing away these things, turn them into stylish and functional DIY makeup storages! Check out these DIY makeup organizer ideas I have for you today:

1. Clean Brush Holder

Repurpose an old drawer or jar as a brush holder to prevent bacteria from contaminating your brushes. Of course, you still want to clean your brushes at least once a month (soap and water will do!). I would suggest you use a transparent jar so you can immediately find what you’re looking for quickly. It saves you a great deal of time in the morning.

2.  Makeup Brush Organizer

Turn a sushi holder into a DIY makeup brush organizer by adding elastic to hold the brushes. Do you love sushi just as much as you like makeup? If you’re shouting YES, then I’m sure you have a sushi roller bamboo roller at home you can use for this project!

3. Towel Rods

Attach some baskets and display your makeup in them. Got spare walls in your room? Go ahead and find some baskets around the house to use or purchase some for a cheap price. Attach some hooks, and there you go!

4. DIY Storage Box Makeup Organizer

Avoid throwing away old storage boxes since they can still be repurposed into cute makeup organizers. Got some old storage boxes lying around? Of course, you do…we all do!

5. Copper Cups

Add some flair to dollar store cups by painting them in gorgeous copper. You can mount them or just display them on the counter. If you prefer to mount the cups, attaching them to a wood pallet is a great idea!

6. Paper Towel Holder Organizer

Don’t let paper towel holders go to waste by repurposing them as makeup organizers. There are so many things you can do with these holders! Store your makeup brushes, lipsticks, lip gloss, nail cleaning tools, and whatever you need. Have fun decorating!

7. Makeup Drawer

Dedicate one of your drawers as the makeup drawer and go one step further by adding DIY organizers such as used canisters. You can also cut up vacant shoeboxes and rummage through your extra office supplies to create the perfect organizer for all your makeup products.

Channel that sun goddess in you. Don’t let summer end without sporting these yellow eyes!


8. Wire Baskets

These gorgeous wire baskets are the perfect makeup storage for makeup palettes. Although often used for storing books, magazines, and other things that need to be stored and displayed at the same time, these two-tiered baskets can protect your precious palettes really well.

9. Magnetic Makeup Boards

Turn an old picture frame into a makeup display by attaching it to a magnetic board. This will save you a lot of counter space and will even give your room an added makeup presentation decor. Plus, you can easily pick and put back makeup you’re using.

10. Repurposed Candle Jars

Candle jars are perfect for stacking your lipsticks and glosses. They also provide easy access for easier touch-ups. Pull out your favorite shade without messing up the entire arrangement. Stack them together, like what you see above, or place them next to one another.

11. Wall Mount Lipstick Organizer

Get a couple of PVC pipes, cut them up, and voila, you’ll have your own wall mount lipstick organizer. Your walls are the most underutilized part of the house, and hanging your organizer makes an excellent alternative to having standard pictures frames.

12. DIY Hanging Organizer

Maximize the wasted space behind your door with his hanging organizer. Its compartments are perfect for organizing your makeup. Make it or buy it, whichever way you prefer, just make sure to segregate your makeup supplies in each compartment to avoid clutter.

13. Rolling Cart

This mobile storage offers plenty of room and will be perfect if you’re planning to do your makeup in different rooms.  It’s actually very space-efficient and can be used to store both your makeup and skincare products. Wherever you go, just roll it with you.


After you’ve unboxed your makeup, don’t throw the boxes away yet. You can also use them to organize makeup. Get some inspiration from this video of Yvette Polanka:

We all know that every beauty product we buy is an investment. That’s the primary reason why we should give our skincare and makeup products the TLC it deserves. Makeup organizers can get pretty pricey, which is why we will need to put our hands to work and put A+ effort into making DIY makeup organizers. Turn old and unused things into something useful. Repurpose and recycle ladies, it’s good for the environment too! Truth be told, with some patience and creativity, you’ll successfully make these cool DIY makeup organizer projects in no time.

Do you have other ideas for makeup organizers? Share them with me and I’ll feature them! 

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

13 Fun DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas For Proper Storage
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