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The History Of First Lady Hairstyles

US first ladies have been looked up upon when it comes to their makeups. However, if there’s another thing to idolize from these powerful women, it’s their iconic hairstyles.

Here you’ll get a glimpse of the history of first lady hairstyles. From their unusual hair colors to their lavish hair accessories, you’ll surely get an inspiration for your own hairstyle.

The History Of First Lady Hairstyles

This post was originally posted on Hair Style Mania and shared with permission.

These first lady hairstyles are not only fabulous, they also shout power and gender equality! Get a glimpse of our history fashion style as these first ladies show you the real meaning of hairstyle from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama:

Keep scrolling to take a closer look at each of these first lady hairstyles:


1. Martha Washington

Hair accessories were all the rage when Martha Washington was first lady. The lilac color matches her eyes perfectly.

2. Abigail Adams

It’s highly possible that Abigail Adams started the loose up-do trend among first lady hairstyles. This swept-back hairstyle frames her face really well.

3. Martha Jefferson

Martha Jefferson continued the trend of first lady hairstyles with curls.

4. Dolley Madison

This up-do is chic and neat, but it still shows off Dolley Madison’s curls perfectly.

5. Elizabeth Monroe

Obsessed with the cloth headband trend? Take inspiration from Elizabeth Monroe.

6. Louisa C. Adams

Louisa Adams took the hair accessory to a whole new level with this lavish, feathery hairstyle.

7. Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson opted for dainty lace to go with her hairstyle.

8. Hannah Van Buren

Taking inspiration from previous first lady hairstyles, Hannah Van Buren goes for a classic up-do with short, curly bangs.

9. Anna Harrison

Not to be left behind in the accessories department, Anna Harrison finished off her up-do with a feminine red ribbon.

10. Letitia Tyler

Letitia Tyler marked the start of clean up-dos for first lady hairstyles. Her center part and high up-do were on-trend at the time.

11. Julia Tyler

Julia Tyler opted for a dainty hair accessory to match the rest of her jewelry.

12. Sarah Polk

Barrel curls and a center part were trendy hairstyles when Sarah Polk was first lady.

13. Margaret Taylor

Center-parted hairstyles were go-to first lady hairstyles, even for Margaret Taylor.

14. Abigail Fillmore

First lady hairstyles were all about bonnets during Abigail Fillmore’s time. Hers had feminine flowers and a soft, shiny bow.

15. Jane M. Pierce

A curled up-do and a stylish bonnet gave Jane M. Pierce an all-American hairstyle.

Wait, there’s more! Check out Hair Style Mania for the complete list of First Lady Hairstyles.


Which one do you like best? Have you found your hairstyle inspiration? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please share them in the comments section below.

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