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New Year’s Resolution #1: Get A Flat Stomach | Makeup Tutorials

The holidays will surely lead to some binge eating so the New Year should be all about how to get a flat stomach. Festivities here and there, while good for our relationships, isn’t exactly amazing for our bodies. Can you just imagine all the calories and carbs you’ve loaded by eating those delicious chocolates, cakes, desserts, pasta and ham plus those booze you drank? I’m also doing a mental calculation. But, don’t fret. Here are some ideas for you to get a flat stomach again.

Get A Flat Stomach With These Easy Guide

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New Year is all about beginnings. It’s a promise of a new hope that things will hopefully be better than the previous years. It’s also around this time when we get to list our resolutions. Well, I already shared how to make and keep your New Year’s resolutions so this one should be easy for you.

I know a lot of you would place how to get a flat stomach as part of their priority resolution. I feel you. Don’t we all, ladies? All those gastronomic events we’ve been to during the holidays have done some changes to our bodies, and it’s high time to regain those curves.

Here are some tips on how we can get a flat stomach following these simple steps:


1. Gulp A LOT of water

The sugary beverages you’re drinking is filled with empty calories plus it causes bloating. Thus, it’s only logical to drink water if want to get a flat stomach. Water also helps flush the toxins from your body and it keeps regular bowel movement. Not a fan of regular water? Try to infuse it with oranges, cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger and the like.


2. Eat small but frequent meals

We’re so used to the usual three large meals in a day. It turns out, that’s not what our bodies need if you want to get a flat stomach. Taking healthy snacks every three or four hours will curb your hunger, which in turn will make you cut your portions.


3. Snack on almonds

We all know that almonds are superfoods, which also makes them great when you’re trying to get a flat stomach. They’re super rich in protein that allows your body to burn extra more calories when you eat them. Eating almonds will supplement your exercise as it helps in speeding up metabolism.


4. Stand up right

This may sound weird but standing up straight can do wonders in your quest to get a flat stomach. It actually makes the core muscles tight. Core muscles, ladies, translate to where your future abs should be right at. On the other hand, slouching can cause curve in the spine that then results to the loosening of the core muscles. This translates to developing a flabby muscles. Make sure you do this ALL THE TIME, 24/7!


5. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Yes, stretching can help you get a flat stomach. The science behind it is just like what happens to the body when you stand straight. Stretching strengthens the core that is a key to getting a flat tummy. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do this, then you’re wrong. It’s doable anytime, anywhere even in the comfort of your workplace. Juts raise your hands and reach for the sky to stretch your upper body. Do this for 30 seconds at least five time a day. You will feel the result in your core.

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Are you all set to get a flat stomach? How many of these tips will you follow? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.