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Makeup Tutorials | Gradient Nail Art

Are you currently looking for nail art designs that are very simple to do but look stylishly sophisticated?

This is an easy to follow nail art tutorial. You don’t need a lot of materials to do this.  Just 3 DIFFERENT kinds of polish and that’s it!

How To Do | Gradient Nail Art

Step 1.

Place tape, Vaseline or glue around the skin of your nails – this technique will help you lessen the smudge nail polish on the skin.


Step 2.

On the sponge paint the nail polish (from the lightest to the darkest shade) then blend the colors.

Step 3.

Dab the sponge lightly onto the nails then continue with a second layer. (Third layer is optional but you must let the polish dry down in between layers).

Step 4.

Remove the tape around the nails and start with the clean up. Then apply the top coat.



And look here’s the outcome!




Products used in this tutorial:



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