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How To Do No Heat Curls | Makeup Tutorials

Looking for alternatives to giving your hair volume without heat?

Do you want to know what curls work best with all types of hair using minimal items?  Here are 5 great alternatives to curling your hair without heat.

How To Do No Heat Curls

1. Twist Hair Braid Method

This is just meticulously twisting and braiding your hair and tying down the ends with an elastic.

via Vivian Vo-Farmer
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2. Sock Method

No spending on this one as well as you can use clean socks – all you need to do is open those drawers!

via flair4hair22
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3. Cloth Bun Clip Maker Method

Long Cloth Bun Clips are also used to create top bun.  But is also a great alternative and could create that lovely curls.

via beautyklove


4. Friar Tuck Method

Are you familiar with the tuck and cover headband hairstyle? Well sleep with it and it’ll give you those gorgeous looking curls!

via Aunie Sauce


5. Bantu Knot Method

Does those knots look familiar to you? Oh well, chances are – you have been into that knot when you’re still a kiddo!

via Cute Girl Hairstyles

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6. Paper Towel Method

This one’s pretty easy as you can find paper towels almost everywhere. Just a little patience with the twisting and waiting.

via MakeupWearables Hairstyles

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