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9 Minimalist Nail Art Designs You’ll Love | Makeup Tutorials

Not a fan of colorful or glittery nail art? Check out these beautifully simple nail art designs that prove less really is more.

9 Minimalist Nail Art Designs

With spring’s fast approach, we find ourselves gravitating towards simple, clean and natural looks. We’ve become slaves to neutral daytime looks that can easily be transitioned into nighttime with the swipe of a lipstick, bright lipstick shades, and clean, minimalist nails.

While glitter and coffin nails may be the #Instatrend du jour, there’s a growing movement of beauty lovers hoping for a return to basics when makeup was all about skincare and nails were an accessory, not the main affair.

If you’re in that camp, you’ll love these minimalist nail art designs featuring neutral colors, negative space, and black and white designs. These designs are super simple to recreate, are versatile and will keep your look elegant and edgy at the same time.

Keep on scrolling for trending minimalist nail art.

What design could be easier than this?
This marble nail art is easy to recreate at home.
Baby pink tips with a white stripe is the perfect minimalist look for spring.
Take this look from the runway to the streets.
Forget the half moon; it’s all about triangles.
Make Piet Mondrian proud with this nail art design.
Get moody with this ombre look.
It’s all about negative space with this design.

What do you think of the minimalist nail trend? How will you be wearing it?

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