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feature | How To Get The Right Light For Your Makeup

How To Get The Right Light For Your Makeup

Struggling to find the right light for your makeup? Here’s how to solve it.

How To Get The Right Light For Your Makeup

There’s nothing more embarrassing than going out feeling confidently beautiful with makeup on, only to find out when you glance in your compact mirror that the color of your face doesn’t match your neck! Or finding a zit you missed to cover up. Don’t worry, it’s not your makeup skills, it’s the lighting you used when you do your makeup.

How To Get The Right Light For Your Makeup

I couldn’t agree more with the fact that the best one is the light from the sun. Natural light is the easiest and cheapest way to have a best lighting for your makeup. Just by placing your vanity mirror near an open window will allow plenty of natural light straight up to your face. This way, you’ll know what you’re going to cover up and enhance.

But how about when you do makeup at night for a party you’re attending? This is when a lighted vanity mirror comes in. Every girl dreams of having a mirror that has light bulbs on the sides, just like what we see in Hollywood dressing rooms. However, choosing the right bulbs might be a little tricky. Look for the ones that are labeled “daylight spectrum”. Avoid yellow, rose and fluorescent lights because these can make your skin look sallow so you end up putting too much on your face. You can buy a ready-made or you can DIY – here’s a a tutorial on how to make a DIY vanity mirror:

Remember not to over do on the wattage. High wattage and lumen output doesn’t make quality makeup lighting. Anything that has soft light like the ones produced by lamps diffused through shades is a good choice. Plus, avoid using overhead lighting only. Using only one light above you will accentuate shadows and this is not good especially for the under eye area.

Nowadays, we all know how technology took over almost everything in our lives. Of course, that includes the lighting used in doing makeup. So, we’ve gathered options for that picture-perfect lighting.

Ottlite Natural Makeup Mirror

This dual sided has light panels on each sides. Both lights have natural illumination that will help you apply makeup flawlessly. It’s also a great mirror for your desk because it has 5x magnification.

How To Get The Right Light For Your Makeup
Ottlite Natural Makeup Mirror | Image via Amazon

Glamcor New Mutimedia Extreme

An advanced lighting is such a game changer. It allows you to change from candlelight to daylight just by pushing a button with the remote control. You can also use your phone with it for an ultimate selfie.


Ring Light

To avoid any shadow that gets in the way, the ring light is your best choice. It creates a good highlight on subjects skin and it has a natural-looking diffused light. Plus, it also adds that special effect of the bright ring to the eyes.


Lumee Case

And to check everything else, a handy lighting is what you need. This is the secret of Kim Kradashian’s flawless selfie. This genius light-up phone cover has led lights on the sides to make your selfies Instagram-worthy.


 No matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch to master creating a winged eyeliner or concealing the dark circle under your eyes, if your lighting is off, it’s no use. Make sure to ditch poor lighting and work with the best ones for Instagram-worthy pics!

What are your ways to get the right lighting for your makeup? Share it with us in the comments on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter.

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