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DIY Skin Care Products and Recipes | Home Remedies for Healthy Skin Tutorial

Take Our All Natural Skin Care Free Online Course for Beautiful Healthy Skin. DIY Tutorials and lessons brought to you by Makeup Tutorials. Diy Skin Care Products and Recipes Our beauty course on DIY Skin Care Products and Recipes made from all natural organic ingredients! That's right, home remedies for healthy, beautiful, glowing skin, for you to…

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The Best Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

Essential Oils are beneficial in more ways than one, but today we'll delve a little deeper into how these oils can nourish and beautify the skin. Read on for more! Patchouli Oil If you summer from regular acne breakouts and blemishes then this essential oil should be at the top of your list. For centuries patchouli…

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Skincare Remedies

5 Natural Skincare Remedies for Pimples

Skincare Remedies are essential for beautiful healthy skin, but not just any type we prefer to go the natural route. Check out these 5 natural remedies to help eliminate pimples. 1.Facial Steaming Facial steaming doesn't just open up your pores, it also prevents blockage which can cause pimples. facial steaming also helps you to shed the…

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Hair Goals – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been in the news a lot lately, and as we continue to send out positive vibes her way, let's look back at some of her most stylish hair moments.   Blond Bombshell One to always keep us guessing with what color she will choose next, I don't think anyone saw this coming. Demi Lovato…

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hair and beauty | Hair and Beauty Round up from your Favorite celebs

Hair and Beauty Round up from your Favorite celebs

Hair and Beauty trends are often set by celebrities so we thought it fair to bring you the latest beauty roundup for this week. Check out Jlo, Jennifer Lawrence and more stunning stars rocking the latest beauty looks below. Hair and Beauty Roundup: Celeb Edition Au Naturale-Shay Mitchell Cosmopolitan UK posted this stunning beauty shot featuring Pretty…

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bath and body works

10 Yummy Summer Fragrances from Bath and Body Works

Bath and body works products have been around for a number of years.  Truthfully, no matter how much you love you fancy perfumes you always need a stash of these yummy scents in your collection. We have some great summer options you can try. 1.Love and Sunshine Even the very name lets you know that this…

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Lip balms

Lip Care- The best Lip Balms to Use this Summer

Lip balms nourish and moisturizes chapped,dry lips and  can also protect your lips from dangerous effects of the sun. However, some do not deliver, but we've curated some great options for you to pick up this summer. Nivea Smoothness Lipcare These lip balms by Nivea contain SPF 15 sunscree, Shea butter and Aloe.   Fruit Pigmented Lip Balm…

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feature | Underrated Sephora Makeup Finds You Must Have! Number 8 Is Absolutely Amazing

The Latest Beauty Tools and Gadgets from Sephora

Beauty tools and gadgets makes your life so convenient, I don't know how our ancestors lived without them. Check out the coolest batch of gadgets from Sephora. T3 Cura Hair Dryer | Great for all hair textures this digitally-controlled blow dryer is air enhanced with negative ions to dry hair quickly. It also helps to fight frizz making…

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