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25 More Awesome Makeup Dupes

1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation, $42 vs. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation, 18 Tagged as the identical twins of spotlight foundation. With both products promising that flawlessly fine complexion. Their only difference is that seemingly higher price of Makeup Forever's HD Foundation. Nevertheless it's a win-win situation as both foundations rule the makeup world as according to dropdeadgorgeousdaily | 2. MAC…

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Thrifty Makeup: When To Splurge And When To Save

Thrifty makeup tips are necessary these days, because there are so many expensive options on the market.  You need to know what to splurge on and what to skip. The most common misconception is that expensive makeup is better than their cheaper counterparts, this isn't always the case. When to Splurge 1. Foundation [instagram url= hidecaption=true…

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bath and body works

10 Yummy Summer Fragrances from Bath and Body Works

Bath and body works products have been around for a number of years.  Truthfully, no matter how much you love you fancy perfumes you always need a stash of these yummy scents in your collection. We have some great summer options you can try. 1.Love and Sunshine Even the very name lets you know that this…

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Lip balms

Lip Care- The best Lip Balms to Use this Summer

Lip balms nourish and moisturizes chapped,dry lips and  can also protect your lips from dangerous effects of the sun. However, some do not deliver, but we've curated some great options for you to pick up this summer. Nivea Smoothness Lipcare These lip balms by Nivea contain SPF 15 sunscree, Shea butter and Aloe.   Fruit Pigmented Lip Balm…

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