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13 Spooky Halloween Drinks For Your Next Halloween Party

These eerie drinks will be sure to give you a good laugh and literally get your creative juices flowing!

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Halloween Drinks | Halloween Party Drink Recipes

Party Halloween Drinks

We have a fully packed post about entertaining, boozing, and most importantly — having so much fun! This Halloween surprise your ghoulish guests with these adorable drink recipes that will make you wish it was October 31st every day!

Want to entertain your vampire friends? Check out how to Vampire Punch!

Expecting Zombies this year? Make a frothy drink that looks like brains!

We decided to take a little break from our regular scheduled makeup content and do a little something more fun. Here’s the best 13 Halloween party drinks and cocktails that will be sure to give everyone a real fright! Enjoy!

1. Vampire Punch Halloween Drink


This Vampire Punch is a great substitute for kids who will pass out on the usual kids’ menu. Some delicious pre-party Halloween punch recipes to get them going as the night goes deeper.

2. Brain Hemorrhage Shot


Care for a unique Halloween party drink? This Brain Hemorrhage shot looks terrible but wait til’ it touches your taste buds.

It tastes great and you’ll definitely ask for more!

3. Slushy Punch Recipe


How would you like to have vampire fangs on your beverage? The slushy punch looks perfect for Halloween shots with fangs floating on it and tastes good too!

4. Hyde Potion


Now look at that mysterious cocktail drink. It’s dark with blackberries and herb flavors to surprise your guests with its wonderful taste!

5. Dark and Stormy Death Punch


The classic mix of ginger beer and rum makes this Halloween drink interesting for your guests. Brandied cherries stuffed in lychees look like creepy eyeballs floating in the punch bowl.

6. Ghoul-Aid Recipe


This Ghoul-aid recipe is great for your Halloween party. There are a number of ways to serve this drink but stands out in a cauldron with dried ice.

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7. Halloween Vampire Punch Recipe with Lime Sherbet


Halloween parties have always been known for great costumes but it seems this vampire punch with lime sherbet is ready to compete. The blood-red drips look so Halloween-ish with red food coloring in corn syrup.

8. Blood-Orange Cocktails


Combine liquor and blood-orange juice then pour it into small test tubes. Place them in a pitcher and make sure they’re well-refrigerated before serving them to your guests.

9. Bloody Tooth Cocktail


The pomegranate seeds in this cocktail resembles teeth at the bottom of the container. Whiskey in pomegranate juice makes this drink boozy and ready for your Halloween get together.

10. Bloody Shirley Temples


It’s been a long time but I could still remember my first encounter with a Shirley Temple drink. I had a great experience and it was better-tasting than I expected.

11. Bloody Brain Shooter


I admit I honestly think this Halloween drink looks ghastly. The strands of Bailey’s looks like a brain the shot glass.

I would understand if it looks too horrible to drink up!

12. Graveyard Gruel


Every now and then, a certain drink comes along with fantastic taste. The Graveyard Gruel is definitely one of many.

Just add a touch of spookiness in it and serve in your Halloween party.

13. Severed Hand Sangria


The name of this drink alone is enough to know it’s made for Halloween. Simply fill a latex glove with filtered water and let it float in the beverage ready to serve!

Check out this video by Homemade Recipes about how to make a brain hemorrhage shot:

Did you enjoy our list of tasty Halloween drinks? They’re all easy to make and has the Halloween appearance that will make your guests wonder before drinking up.

You can make them a little bit boozy too for you to enjoy the party more!

Which of these drinks are you eager to serve in your Halloween party? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 6, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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