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10 Artistic Halloween Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Year

Let’s be honest, we makeup junkies get most of our inspiration from beauty YouTubers. Now that Halloween is fast approaching, you’ve probably been browsing hundreds of Halloween tutorials! Well look no further– we’ve compiled the most creative Halloween makeup looks created by our favorite YouTube artists.

Halloween Makeup Looks: Worth Trying This Year

Check and out and prepared to be spooked…

1. Glam&Gore | Post-Apocalyptic Bad*ss


We all want to cry rainbow tears, right?
Make a statement at this year’s Halloween party with your effortlessly messy, post-apocalyptic bad*ss makeup. You can simultaneously be bright and punchy with your eyes, while being prepared for a nuclear wasteland with your grungy clothing.
The key to this Halloween look is the color scheme. Go heavy on the oranges and blues, and blend out with analogous colors. That’s how you achieve the perfect rainbow gradient. Ground the look with some messy black eyeshadow. If it looks a little dirty, don’t worry! That’s the look!

2. Chrisspy | Gangster Clown


If you haven’t seen Chrisspy’s Gangster Clown Tutorial – Watch. It. Right. Now.
This is the perfect opportunity to practice your cut crease. The goal for this eye look is sharp winged liner and metallic eyeshadow. Contrast your glamorous eye look with some artful clown face painting.
You can be that dangerous character in the corner of the Halloween party looking mysteriously sexy.

3. NikkiTutorials | Glam Killer Clown


Clowns are here to stay for Halloween 2017. In the words of NikkieTutorials, it’s all about being “creepy, but fun”.
This clown look is for the outrageous dare devil. You’re not looking to be a sexy clown part time, no. You’re looking for screams and scares with this bone-chilling makeup look! Pair your terrifying clown makeup with a gilded crown to let everyone at the party know that you rule this Halloween town.

4. Desi Perkins | Melting Skull


Let’s add a little dimension shall we? Now, this look by Desi Perkins might seem difficult. But really, all you need is a little gelatin. Take your time shading your half-skull face. Slap on a fierce eyeshadow look on the other half of your face. When all is said and done, a little $6 bottle of Mehron 3D Gel will add the melting dimension that you’re looking for. You can be spooky and slay at the same time!

5. Lustrelux | Pastel Skull


Perhaps you want to prettify your traditional Halloween skull makeup look. Lustrelux’s dreamy pastel skull is the way to go. Break out those colorful eyeshadows you never wear and play with some pinks, purples, and blues. Lustrelux layers multiple products, but you can achieve the same effect with a few metallic eyeshadows and a few matte shades. Make your eyes the focus and add some subtle shading to give a skull-like effect. Once you shade in some spooky teeth, the look will come together in the end!

6. Too Much Mouth | Pop Art Zombie


This one’s for the face paint lovers out there. The Pop Art Zombie is a classic Halloween makeup look. Nothing stands out more than neon paint under a spotlight. Let your creativity flow with this one. You can follow Too Much Mouth’s makeup tutorial and rock the lime green zombie look. Or you can switch things up and go for hot pink, or maybe sky blue, or perhaps bumblebee yellow! One thing is for sure; the dead have never looked this good.

7. Ylette | Disney Evil Queen


Stand out from the crowd of Moanas and Belles this Halloween. Take a walk on the wild side and indulge your inner Evil Queen. Nothing says fabulous more than high arch eyebrows and smokey purple eyeshadow. Play around with your costume to achieve maximum Queen status. Accessories are sure to make the look – Bejewel yourself in gold necklaces and rings, and DON’T forget your crown.
One thing is for sure, you’ll be guaranteed to slay in this makeup look.

8. Alissa Ashley | Bratz Doll


If you’re a glamorous makeup queen, then Alissa Ashley’s Bratz makeup look is your jam. This Halloween look is the best way to satisfy your childhood dream. The best part is that it’s one of the easiest looks to achieve! No face paint, no gelatin, no complicated shading here. Just fun pink eyeshadow and frosty magenta lips!
Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your look – Bratz dolls were infamous for their hyper thin eyebrows and pouty lips!

9. Jordan Hanz | Pop Art Wonder Woman


This was the year of Wonder Woman. She came back to the big screen in a big way – and you can be sure that nearly every Halloween costume will be Wonder Woman. A perfect way to stand out from the hoarde of Diana Prince’s is to try out this Pop Art Wonder Woman by Jordan Hanz! It may be a bit time consuming, but the results are worth it. This artistic style of makeup will make your features POP.

10. Promise Phan | Pixel Art Face


Pop Art not your thing? Looking to mix it up a bit? We’ve got you covered. Try Pixel Art!
Promise Phan achieves this crazy cool look by layering squares of color to create features. Digitize yourself this Halloween by breaking down your makeup look square by square! You’ll turn heads from across the room, and everyone will be coming up to you just to get a closer look!


Whether you’re a bad*ss or a glamour queen, we’re sure you’ll rock this Halloween! Leave us a comment down below and tell us which look you’ll wear to your next party!

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