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How to Get Rid of Large Pores Using Makeup | Amazing Tip By Wayne Goss

How to get rid of large pores with makeup? Wayne Goss knows how! Check out the best technique to cover those large pores and achieve flawless looking skin.

How to Get Rid of Large Pores | The Wayne Goss Way

Thank goodness for makeup professional Wayne Goss, right ladies? This man is indeed a blessing to us all! He has shared the secret on how to get rid of large pores using foundation and powder only. But knowing what you need isn’t enough, you need to learn the right technique to apply these products on your face to cover or diminish the appearance of large pores. Finally, we have the answer and it’s all listed down below!

What You’ll Need:

  • Wayne Goss No.16 Brush
  • RCMA Foundation
  • RCMA NO Color Powder

* Please note that you can use any brush, foundation, and powder you wish.

Step 1: Apply foundation.

In this tutorial, Wayne decided not to use a primer just to show everyone how this technique works. Start by applying foundation on the face with a brush. Immediately, you will see that the pores look like they’re opening up and that’s completely natural.

Actually, primers can really help minimize or diminish the appearance of pores. There are really awesome primers out there that will make your job easier. But in cases where you can’t rely on your primer anymore, know that this method will still work for you anytime!


Step 2: Buff and press.

Now, this is where the technique comes in. To be able to get rid of large pores with makeup, you must be able to push the product into the pore. “Won’t that clog my pores?” No, it won’t. Truth is, skincare products can be more problematic to the skin because they are formulated to be absorbed into the pores. On the other hand, makeup foundation is designed to just sit on top of the skin. It’s not meant to be absorbed as it will disappear, which will make using it pointless.

So what you need to do are buff and press. Smooth the product on the skin and put pressure when pressing the product into the skin. Work on the areas where you have large pores. You can apply foundation as usual on the other areas of the face. And don’t worry, this method will not cause any breakouts. If your foundation doesn’t cause any breakouts, then you’re completely okay!


Step 3: Set with powder.

Has the appearance of the pores diminished already? Before we set the foundation, you must make sure that none of the pores are visible anymore.

What you do is take a powder puff and put the powder on your other hand. Press the powder puff on your other hand to make sure it has enough product. Pat the powder on your skin with added pressure. It is important that you press the powder properly on top of the foundation to make sure the foundation doesn’t move and the pores remain hidden. Pat the powder until you’re completely satisfied with the coverage.

Another technique to set the foundation with powder is to press and roll the powder puff. Here, you will still push the product into the pore, except you’re doing a rolling motion.

And look at that…no more large pores to worry about!



If you want to see Wayne Goss in action, check the full video below:


Having large pores to deal with can really be a frustrating ordeal that we go through every day. The thing is, we wear makeup to hide such imperfections and make our skin look flawless. And yet, these large pores are stubborn enough to peek through the makeup we put on… talk about annoying! Thankfully, Wayne has taught us the secret to getting rid of pores with makeup. But just a heads up, it’s not ideal to eradicate all the pores completely, because, at the end of the day, you still want your skin to look like skin! And you’d still want your makeup to look natural. Have fun practicing ladies!

How do you deal with your large pores? We’d like to hear from you in the comments section below!

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