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14 Best Eye Makeup Looks For Every Eye Color

With eye makeup looks serving as the focal point of your makeup, it’s crucial that we keep it on point. But how do you know which palette to reach for?

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The Only Eye Catching Eye Makeup Looks You Need to Learn

Eye Makeup Looks for Gray Eyes

1. Steel a Look


The striking shade of cool, gray eyes is best accentuated by equally steely colors. Misty and pale hues will make your eyes glisten and complement the platinum flecks in your eyes.

2. Make It Metal


Stick to monochromatic metallic eye shadows. The contrast against a matte jet black liner will give you an edgy moment, while your lashes keep it delicate and feminine. The diffused shimmer in your inner corner will make you look like you’re dripping in diamonds.

3. Stay Warm


If a misty eye is too cold for your desired look, bring back the warmth to your complexion with saturated red shadows with smudged liner in the upper and lower lashes. The contrast will make your eyes appear lighter and brighter, but still with a warm aesthetic.

Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

4. Monochromatic

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] The neutrality of browns makes it the most versatile eye color, playing well with all color palettes. Highlight the depth of your brown eyes by playing with similar dark tones for an analogous color scheme. Opt for a smoky eye or apply some color on your crease alone to define the shape of your eyes, while a contrasting jet black liner will bring out the wood tones.

5. Do it anyway 

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] Another way to celebrate the versatility of your eye color is to play it up with different hues, shades, and add a dash of metallics for an equally dashing effect. The polarity of shimmery champagne and gold metallics in your inner corners will brighten your eyes.

Brown-eyed beauties, this is the go signal for you to purchase that new palette you’ve been eyeing! 

6. Blue Wave

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] Play up the color with a blue number with cool tones. This will give you a soft and modern definition without having to do a smoky eye. Saturate the color close to your lash line, white eyeliner optional. 

Eye Makeup Looks for Hazel Eyes

7. Visible Camo

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] Here’s a camouflage palette that will help you stand out. A similar tone like olive green will soften your dark eyes and help the deep hues come alive. Keep your brows and lashes natural and polished, let brown and green take center stage for now.

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8. Dark Rainbow


What you should know about hazel eyes are that they are hardly just browns, but a brilliant combination of brown, warm green, and blue. The way to play up these eyes is to create a monochromatic eye makeup look with the least dominant colors in your eyes, effectively highlighting them. Metallics will accentuate the gold flecks in your eyes. 

Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

9. Green Envy


Rediscover how green your eyes are. Dazzle them with complementary colors in red to plum tones, the green shades in your eyes will pop. Metallics will bring out the bright flecks in your eyes and highlight the brighter undertones of pale green and caramel.

10. Plum and Pumped


Vivid colors will match the brilliant tincture of your green eyes, and contrasting colors like plum alone will do the job. Don’t worry about bringing an entire eye shadow palette. Just pack a jewel-toned red-violet shade and you’re set for perfection. 

11. Pleasing Purple


A cool green eye color deserves to be partnered by a cool, striking violet shade. Finish off your eye look with a lilac inner corner, this will differentiate your eye look from a smoky one. Feathery brows and wispy lashes will keep this splash of color feminine and delicate.

Eye Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

12. Keep it Fun

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] Bring attention to your eyes with contrasting, complementary hues on the warm side of the color wheel. Match the tint of your shadows to the brightness of your eye color to accentuate the delicate glisten in your eyes. Sweep on a slight pop of color for a daytime look, then build up to richer tones for drinks.

13. Triadic Eye Makeup Looks

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] Go back to your color wheel and choose triadic colors, which would land on your yellows and greens. The juxtaposition of the three hues brings out the best in each other, so don’t be intimidated by the rainbow composition. 

14. Subtle Perfection


Grab a nude palette, and go crazy as subtle will let you. Blue eyes already pop with no effort on your part, but a warm, nude palette brings such a soft glam look to a vibrant eye. A matte color palette makes for the perfect everyday look, then graduates to bronze metallics for a soft glam look.

Check out Sinead’s tutorial on beginner eye makeup looks:

If you have a hard time figuring out which palette to reach for, keep in mind just two color concepts – complementary or monochromatic. Complementary color palettes will contrast each other, and the difference in hue will highlight your eye color. A monochromatic color scheme is perfect for bright eyes with multiple undertones, able to accentuate slight flecks in your eyes.

Don’t be daunted by eye makeup, there are more ways to bring out your pearly eyes than the cat eye. Tried and tested, but retired – it’s time to let up the nude palette. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and what better way to embrace them than to play with color?

Have you printed out a color wheel for your vanity yet? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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