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10 Most Iconic Makeup Looks The Cinema Has To Offer

Let’s take a trip down to memory lane and look at the most iconic makeup looks from movies. From Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lawrence, their iconic looks will continue to inspire us for many more years to come!

Iconic Makeup Looks That Will Always Inspire Us

I love watching movies! It’s a great past time after a day/week of hard work. Even though I’m always drawn to the movies I watch, I make it a point to keep tabs on my favorite looks. From the classic 50s makeup all the way to the looks that grace magazine covers today, there’s just so much makeup inspiration you can get. So today, let’s take a quick look back at the most iconic makeup looks from the movies and hopefully, inspire you to create your own signature look as well.


1. Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe’s pin-curled hair and bright red pout is a timeless and classic look that we still love to date. To put the spotlight on her red lips, Marilyn’s eye makeup is kept natural. Her cheeks always had that subtle hint of peach, just to add some color. The makeup look is elegant, and it’s quite sassy too! Always a huge inspiration for vintage makeup looks!


2. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor | Most Iconic Makeup Looks The Cinema Has To Offer
image via Arogundade

If I were to describe Elizabeth Taylor’s movie looks, it would be “fierce.” Before the modern eyebrow game swept Pinterest and Instagram, there were Elizabeth’s full and intense eyebrows! In all of her movies, you can see how perfectly shaped and dark her eyebrows were and they were always matched with bright red or orange lipstick.


3. Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of timeless beauty. She always rocked her pixie cut hair and wore the winged eyeliner like it was nobody’s business. Her signature look included full and dark eyebrows and bold winged eyeliner. She usually wears nude lipstick shades, but if she goes lighter on the eyes, she’ll go for darker lips.


4. Angelina Jolie


I can still recall the moment I first laid eyes on Angelina Jolie’s look in her movie “Salt”. It felt like an awakening–an awakening to change my hair color to jet black and go crazy on my black eyeliner. Angelina’s makeup as the badass Salt is just sublime and it successfully got the message across– don’t mess with her!


5. Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly remains to be a big inspiration for many women out there in both the fashion and makeup industry. She is grace, sophistication, and class rolled into one beautiful lady. Would you believe that she actually did her own natural makeup looks? And by the way, move over Kim Kardashian, Grace was the queen of contouring. She loved contouring her cheeks with two different shades of blush when contouring kits were still unavailable!


6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart | Most Iconic Makeup Looks The Cinema Has To Offer
image via Girls Gone Geek

At first, seeing Kristen Stewart as Bella in “Twilight” was quite disappointing. But when she turned into a vampire, the transformation was unbelievable! Although vampire Bella sported alabaster skin, the trick to making her sexy- as-hell makeup look was by focusing on her eyes and downplaying the lips. The makeup team focused on blending four shades of eyeshadow to complement her red contacts and then going crazy with the falsies and mascara. To complete her look, her curled and textured hair made everything perfect!


7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker | Most Iconic Makeup Looks The Cinema Has To Offer
image via Huffington Post

While writing this post, I was thinking of the best wedding scenes I’ve seen in the past decade or so. I decided that the “Sex in the City” movie had the most unforgetful wedding scene. It wasn’t just because of the story behind it. It was more of the hype leading to the wedding. We knew Carrie was a fashion icon and we knew that she’d look perfect to the tee on her wedding day, and the movie didn’t disappoint! I’m sure Carrie’s look will go down as one of the best wedding makeup looks for decades.


8. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman | Most Iconic Makeup Looks The Cinema Has To Offer
image via Hot Flick

Natalie Portman’s performance in “The Black Swan” was one for the books. Her character struggled on how to embody the dark side. But when she did, Natalie was amazing and more than that, her black swan makeup will also be remembered for years.


9. Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is making another appearance on this list because of Maleficent and she deserves this spot! Maleficent made such an impact that last Halloween that everyone was recreating her look. It was Maleficent madness I tell ya! And although we all know that Angelina’s face was computer generated in the movie, that didn’t stop everyone from contouring like crazy just to get this look!


10. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence | Most Iconic Makeup Looks The Cinema Has To Offer
image via E! Online

“The Hunger Games” series put a stamp on Jennifer Lawrence’s name in Hollywood and helped her earn the spot of the highest-earning female celebrity today. Looking back at the movies, I cannot seem to forget how beautiful Katniss Eberdeen looked in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in both her tribute party look and chariot look. Not only were her dresses to die for, but her makeup was sooo on point! I love that her MUA made her eyes turn into piercing wings, symbolizing her transformation to being the Mockingjay.


From time to time, we all like to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s signature look. It’s a good thing that it’s not that hard to do! Watch the step-by-step tutorial from pixiwoo:

The world of cinema is truly an amazing one. Makeup artists are constantly improving their craft and always coming up with new makeup looks and techniques. Even costume designers and graphic artists are stepping up to the plate. I’m always in awe of movies and how they were made. I applaud the hard work of everyone, especially the guys behind the scenes. And I think, this is why I always find inspiration in their work and I hope you do too!

What is your favorite iconic makeup look from the movies? Do you have other makeup looks in mind? Please share with us in the comments section below!

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