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How To Apply Eyeliner Tips | Styles

Eyeliner tends to be hit or miss for most people.


You may not know what type to use, what style is trending or how to apply your eyeliner. Lucky for you, we are here to help! We have gathered 16 of the best eyeliner tips and styles for you to try, perfect for all occasions:

1. Winged-Eyeliner


2. How to Put on Eyeliner

Check out this video tutorial on the basics of how to put on eyeliner!

3. Eyeliner Tips: Choosing Your Brush

How do you know which brush is right for you?


  1. Tight lining gives eyes that extra definition without making it obvious. A thin, flat-shaped brush will help you distribute color evenly in between your lashes. Avoid runny liquid formulas with this type of brush.
  2. A bent liner brush allows you to control the fluidity and movement of the makeup so you can get that fine flick. This brush works best with cream/cake, gel, and liquid formulas.
  3. The winged cat eye is one of the most dramatic eyeliner styles. A small angled brush allows you to control the shape of the line and create both precise angles and thick wings. This brush works with all types of eye liner.

(See full article at Beautylish)

4. How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Check out this video tutorial on the basics of liquid eyeliner application:

5. Bright Eye Liner

DIY Colorful Eye Liner is the Perfect Way to Brighten Your Eyes:


(See full tutorial at A Practical Wedding)

6. Cat Eyeliner Tutorial

This video eyeliner tutorial is absolutely genius!

7. The Perfect Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

How to Do Winged Eyeliner for 4 Types of Eyes:


(Courtesy of The Beauty Garden)

8. Advanced Eye Liner Application

Learn How to Put on Liquid Eye Liner with this Innovative Tool:


(See full article at Beautylish)

9. How To: Ombré Eyeliner

We Love this Trendy Eyeliner Style!


10. How to Apply Eyeliner as a Shadow

Get Sexy Eyes with this Eyeliner Shadow Tutorial:


11. Edgy Eyeliner

Learn How to Put on Eyeliner Like this at Glambistro!

12. Eyeliner Tips: A Lesson in Smudging


13. Eyeliner Styles

14. Get Creative with Liquid Eyeliner

We Love this DIY Eyeliner Style!


(Courtesy of The Beauty Department)

15. Fade Resistant Eyeliner

We Guarantee this Waterproof Eyeliner will Last All Night!


(See full article at Temptalia)

16. Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

This is a great idea for Independence Day!


What Eyeliner Style is Your Favorite? Leave a Comment Below!

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