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5 Medium Haircuts That Will Inspire You To Chop Off Your Long Locks

Medium haircuts are making a comeback this year. Get inspired to chop off those tresses as we take our cue from celebrity hairstyles.

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Medium Haircuts for a Modern 2019 Look

Stunning Medium Haircut Styles for 2019

With clean, minimalist clothing and bare-faced, no make-up, the medium length haircuts complete the modern women’s look today.

Most of us fear to make drastic changes with our hairstyle. Well, fear no more because we’ll show you what kind of medium haircut matches every face shape!

1. Medium Haircuts for Round Face

Medium Haircuts for Round Face |For women with round faces, you have to balance it out by creating an illusion of length. The best short haircuts for you are bob haircuts which fall right on your collarbone with wispy layers at the end.

A shoulder-length haircut is just the right type of medium haircut for you. You can even go with side-swept bangs or none at all.

The wispy strands around your neck will create a slimming effect on the face and add structure to your look.

2. Medium Haircuts for Heart Face

Haircuts for Heart Face |  The heart-shaped face is characterized by a wider forehead and a pointy chin. Again, we want to balance the proportions and achieve a bit of a rounder face (but not too round).

Cutting hair at a length touching the collarbone is the best way to go. Perfect medium-length haircuts would be those with uniform layers and bangs.

This haircut takes the focus away from the wide forehead and adds more width to the bottom part of the face. Bob hairstyles might be a bit trickier for heart-shaped faces.

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3. Medium Haircuts for Oval Face

Haircuts for Oval Face |

Oval faces tend to be long and you need a hairstyle to create an illusion of a shorter face. Going sleek and straight isn’t the best haircut for you because it will just add length to the face.

If you have fine hair, it can be more of a problem. Avoid a long bob as well.

4. Medium Haircuts for Square Face

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

For the square-shaped face, you’d want to take the attention away from the sharp edges. It is ideal to always go for hair which looks soft like this one from Olivia Wilde.

Soft to wavy hairstyles are the way to go. Hair type plays a crucial role here but there’s nothing a little hair product can’t fix.

You’d also want to go for a fringe shorter in the middle but is longer at the corners. This way, the jawline is softened at the sides.

Stick with a shoulder-length haircut with feathery layers. Face-framing layers are key!

The wispy ends help take the focus away from the sharpness of the jaw. Parting the hair at the side and adding side-swept bangs also add softness to the entire look.

5. Medium Haircuts for Diamond Face


For the diamond-shaped face gal, the wide forehead and pointy chin are the highlights (similar to the heart-shaped face). The good news is you can go straight or curly with this face shape.

Check out Rihanna’s haircut above. She opted for a sleek and straight bob with side-swept bangs to offset the wide forehead.

Shoulder length layered haircuts are ideal for the diamond-shaped face.

Make sure your stylist knows how to proportion medium layered haircuts as well. Proportion is the secret to taking layered hairstyles from boring to stunning.

What else can you do with medium-length hairstyles? Check out these tips from Ashley Bloomfield:

Now that you know which medium haircut suits you best, let me ask you this: are you ready to take the plunge? Hair makeovers are totally intimidating and scary, I get you.

But hey, life is all about risks and with this one, I’m sure it will pay off big time! Plus, we’re here — ready to take the plunge with you and we’ve already chosen our fave from this list of medium haircuts.

Drum roll please…we’re going for Reese’s hairstyle! Good luck with the makeover!

So have you decided which medium hairstyle to go for? Let us know in the comments section below!



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