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Beautiful Updo Hairstyle Tutorials for Medium Length Hair

Beautiful updo hairstyles are perfect for many different occasions. And even the most intricate looking ones are often easier than they seem.

You might think that some styles can only work on long hair, but that’s not the case at all. Even with short or medium length hair you can easily change up your boring hair with cool updos.

These easy updo tutorials can give you some great ideas

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles Tutorial

Taylor Swift, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lauren Conrad are few famous people we know who chopped off their long locks to medium length or even short ala Lucy Hale. We love these fresh new cuts and wanted to give you some cute ideas for short and medium length hair. These easy updos will make you want to grab your scissor and get rid of those long locks!

1. Easy Chignon


An easy twist for that elegant and effortless beauty

2. Messy Braid Bun

Add a fresh look to your usual messy bun with this messy braid bun!

Get the full tutorial HERE

3. Easy Twisty Bun


With two elastics and bobby pins, keep your hair in place with this gorgeous and easy updo.

4. Textured Pinup

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

This one works great even for short hair, and all you need are some hairpins and hairspray.  Add a few curls to your hair first to give it some texture, then tease the roots to achieve this easy pinup style.

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful updo hairstyles. Did you try any of them, tell us all about it in the comment section!

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