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241 Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Today’s article is all about makeup tutorials for beginners! Yes ladies, we’ve got an insane list of all the need-to-knows when it comes to enhancing your best assets. We’ve got tips on knowing your face shape, what areas to contour, and also tricks on how to cover up any unwanted tattoos. We’ve even got the low down of different makeup looks you can try, from natural looking brows to fantastic smokey eyes!

Makeup Tutorials for Beginners: A Complete List

For the longest time, we’ve been thinking about creating a beauty bible of some sort, something that can house all of our best makeup tutorials for beginners. And now we’ve finally done it! You’ll see loads of reads that you can use to your advantage. Not only will you be immersed in the glory of makeup and the happiness that it can bring, but you’ll also be more in tune with specifics, such as knowing the colors that look best with your skin tone or little hacks for organizing your soon-to-be-growing makeup collection.
Let’s not waste any more time, ladies. Get to reading below!


Face Makeup Tutorials


1. Know Which of The 6 Face Shapes is Yours

What's Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide

Knowing your face shape isn’t only helpful when going to the salon for a trim, but it can also make a difference in the way makeup is applied. Different shapes have different parts of the face that should be highlighted. Find out yours today.


2. Foundation 101 Tips

Now you know what your face shape is, it’s time to move on to the next part: foundation. This article will help get you started on everything you need to know, from skin prep to color matching your skin with your foundation.


3. 11 Color Correcting Make Up Products for Every Need

Concealers can come in all colors and sizes. This means that each color serves a different purpose — yes ladies, those green colored concealers aren’t meant to mask green skin, we’re not Elphaba from Wicked, green cancels out redness. Curious? Click the link to know how!


4. Makeup Colors to Match Different Skin Tones

Knowing your skin tone and undertones will help you know the color palette that goes on best! To be honest, I love seeing all the different color swatches and pigments. It’s like my very own playground.



5. Know Which Of The 9 Blush Color Suits You

There’s a blush color for everyone, whether you’re fair, medium, or dark skinned. Find out if corals, apricots, or plums suit your cheeks. Also, find out which color suits your eyeshadow looks best so your looks are well-balanced.


6. 5 Steps On How to Apply Blush for a Natural Glow

Sometimes all a girl really needs is a natural looking flush. Find out how to get that look here.


7. 5 Contouring and Highlighting Tutorials

This has to be one of my favorites. I’m a total sucker for contouring because I love how it just instantly makes my cheekbones more visible. It helps that it makes me look and feel more confident too!


8. 4 Contouring Techniques for Everyone

Remember what I said earlier about each face shape having a different area of specialty? The same goes for contouring. Find out which areas to target for your next makeup look.

Eyes Makeup Tutorials


9. 10 Eye Makeup 101 Tips

The eye area, though one of the smallest areas of the face, is actually one of hardest features to accentuate. But not to worry, this set of makeup tutorials for beginners is bound to get you yearning for some learning — pardon the rhyme, I couldn’t help it. This article will help you prep, color, and line your eyes to help you slay the days ahead.


10. A Beginner’s Guide to 6 Types of Eyeshadows

If you’ve ever asked yourself what the differences between powder, cream, liquid, and loose powder eyeshadows are, then this is the article for you!


11. 10 Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials

In need of a glam look? Master the art of making a smokey eye with these tips and tricks.


12. 17 Eyeliner Hacks

It can be tricky putting eyeliner on so sometimes I can’t help but be in awe with how some beauty vloggers seem to do it so easily. Luckily, we’ve got our own eyeliner hacks.


13. 3 Steps To Make Your Eyes Bigger with Tightlining

Line and Tightline | BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette | Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

Tightlining is one of my secrets to having bigger and brighter eyes. It’s definitely saved me on days when I’m running on just a couple hours of sleep.


14. Bring Your Mascara Back to Life in 3 Simple Steps

Dried up mascara has nothing on you if you know the right things to do. Read this to find out!


15. 7 Steps: How to Apply Fake Lashes

Lashes are so pretty to look at and are even more amazing once put on. They’re my go to pieces whenever I feel the need for something extra. Try your hand at putting them on with one of our makeup tutorials for beginners.


16. 10 Eyebrows for Every Face Shape

Brows are important because they’re one of the things that help frame a face. Check out which kind you should be sporting based on your face shape.


17. Perfect Your Classic Eyebrow Game

Want brows on fleek? You’ve come to the right article. This will help you get used to finding your arch and filling in your brows.


Lips Makeup Tutorials

18. 5 Tips On Choosing Your Lipstick Shade

When I was still a makeup noob, one of the things I was completely obsessed over was lipsticks — to be honest, I’m still not over my lippies. Check out which colors you should try on in this article.


19. 7 Tips for Applying Liquid Lipstick

Everybody went crazy for liquid lipsticks the past year. Fast forward to today and we’re still in love with them. Take advantage of your liquid lippie stash with our makeup tutorials for beginners.


20. The 20 Dos and Don’ts of Bright Lipsticks

Bright lipsticks can either look amazingly gorgeous or horribly terrifying. Read this article to make sure you’ll be part of the former — that is of course unless you’re prepping for Halloween.


21. 2 Ways To Fix Your Broken Lipstick

Ladies, there’s no need to panic if you break your lipstick. Trust me, it can be salvaged.


22. 11 Hacks for Having Fuller Lips

Makeup can help you have fuller lips sans the injections. Find out how to master that perfect pout here.


Body Makeup Tutorials


23. 12 Steps: Body Contouring for Cleavage


Sometimes, a girl just needs a little more help — especially when her push up bra is in the laundry bag. DIY your own cleavage with this neat little trick!


24. 3 Tips to Getting Rid of Body Acne

Been wanting to wear a backless top but embarrassed because of your back acne? We’ll show you how to cover it up!


25. Cover Up Tattoos with Makeup in 21 Steps

I’m all for showing tattoos, especially if they’re beautiful pieces of art that make a statement. But if ever there comes a time that you’d need to cover it up temporarily, we’ve got a secret you might like to hear.


Makeup Tools


26. Top 10 Makeup Products for Beginners

Now that you’re more curious about the world of makeup, what’s next? It’s time to stash your makeup bag! Check out our list of essentials.


27. A Beginner’s Guide to 10 Makeup Brushes

So many brushes, so little time? No worries. We’ve got a cheat sheet just for you!


28.  2 Ways To Clean Your Brushes

Makeup brushes are investments that you use on your face. It’s best to take care of them properly to avoid future skin problems such as acne and blackheads.


29. 4 Right Light Options for your Makeup Table

Just like Kylie, I love taking a good selfie (or five) once I’ve done my makeup on right. Ladies, trust me when I say that a jaw-dropping selfie greatly depends on good lighting.


30. 17 Makeup Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Are you a stickler for organization? We’ve got a few storage ideas your OCD will thank you for.
Running late and only have 5 minutes to spare for makeup? Check out this video from Roxette Arisa. 

There you have it, ladies! That’s our massive list of makeup tutorials for beginners made just for you!
Whether you’re new to the makeup scene or not, I’ve found that it’s still good to take advantage of a few extra tips and tricks. After all, makeup is our friend and it wants nothing else than to have us use it to our advantage.
Have a beautiful day, ladies!

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