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Feature | Tightlining: Make Your Eyes Bigger & Brighter With This Simple Trick

Tightlining 101: Make Your Eyes Bigger & Brighter With This Simple Trick

Always dreamed of bigger and brighter eyes? Tightlining not only makes thicker lashes possible, this handy technique makes bigger, brighter eyes a reality. Wonder how celebrities get to be doe-eyed even in their no-makeup look? The secret is in tightlining and here’s how to do it!

Tightlining Tips: The Secrets of Doe-Eyed Celebrities


What is Tightlining?

Tightlining or invisible eyeliner − as some like to call it − is a great way to add definition to your peepers. If you weren’t born with naturally thick, full lashes, then this is a simple technique you need to master. In addition to making your eyes look bigger, tightlining is also used to make your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller (told you there was hope!).

To achieve a tightlined look, line the inside of your lash line and between the roots of the lashes to create the illusion of fuller lashes without mascara. This technique can be used on all skin tones, for beauty enthusiasts of all levels, and can be worn to any occasion.

Let’s show you how to master the no-makeup bright eyes look with this tightlining tutorial!

Step 1: Locate Your Tightline

Before you touch any part of your face, especially the eyes, make sure your hands are clean and sanitized. With your clean fingers, gently push your brows upwards to lift your eyelash. You will see a thin gap or line between your lash line and waterline. This is where you need to apply the eyeliner or tightline.

Step 2: Start the Makeup Application

With your eyeliner, lightly dab between each eyelash getting as close to the roots as much as possible. Here’s a safety tip: Your pupil is a very sensitive part of your eyes, so if you are doing half of your eye line, try to look the other way. This way your pupils won’t be poked at.

Step 3: Tightlining Lower Lashes

You will need to do your bottom eye line if you want to intensify your eye makeup. Follow the same procedure for your bottom eye line which is to gently pull down your lower lid, locate your lower line, and apply eyeliner.

Bonus Tips:

If you have hooded eyes, meaning your brow bone is less defined, don’t despair. It sure didn’t stop Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, and Taylor Swift from having bright and lovely eyes. Tightlining hooded eyes simply bring out the best in your eyes. Try to use waterproof eyeliner and eye makeup. Remember, you want to achieve a full eyelash and not a full makeup so go easy on your application. Apply thickly on the roots and subtly to the tips.


You can also watch a step-by-step tightlining tutorial in this video from Missy Sue:

Now you know the secret to Selena Gomez’s or Vanessa Hudgens’s bright and smoky eyes. You know it’s simply in tightlining which you can now recreate on your own. Make sure to use products that won’t irritate your skin and your eyes. Achieve lovely eyes but always try to lean on the safe side.

Have you recreated this makeup technique for your eyes? We’d love to know how it went. Share your experience in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on April 9, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy!

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