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feature | Ultimate Makeup Foundation Guide You Wouldn't Learn On Youtube

Ultimate Makeup Foundation Guide You Wouldn’t Learn On Youtube

All these new makeup products almost get you confused with the essentials, so today I’m creating a general list that covers the essentials of makeup foundation.

The Essential Makeup Foundation Guide

As a base for your makeup, the foundation is one of the most important things in your beauty regimen. It requires not only knowledge of your skin health but also of your undertones to perfectly color match. This is something that even professionals have a hard time mastering because it has a lot to do with light, so while you’re at it wondering how you can be better at makeup foundation, know that there is a pretty steep learning curve to all this and to aid you in your quest let’s take a look at some of the essential factors around makeup foundation.


Pre-Foundation Skin Care

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] Makeup foundation is a product you put on top of your skin, so naturally, if your base isn’t good, your canvas won’t be as well. Always start with a good base by making sure you have healthy moisturized skin. A moisturized skin keeps products in place longer and makes them appear healthier-looking too. A healthy skin does not only prolong makeup on your face, it also saves you money because you don’t have to apply as much product as you would with troubled skin. So make sure your moisturizer is in check and it fits your skin type, whether you’re dry skinned or oily, or whether your skin reacts to weather quickly, you need one that performs for your skin type. You can even try to DIY your moisturizers especially if you have a knack for making use of your kitchen ingredients.


Use Use Use A Makeup Foundation Primer


Most of the time a makeup foundation will already include primers in them, but other times when your skin requires it, you need a separate primer to give your skin a smoother surface and to keep your makeup on longer. Now you know this loophole can be a marketing trick for companies as evidenced by all these primers in the market today, so you need to know which primers to get amongst a lot of brands.


Foundation Tools for Application


Another important factor that affects how your foundation looks like on your skin is the tool you apply it with. Although your fingers will work perfectly, a much more blended application is not achieved by it. Luckily there are many different tools you can discover and experiment with such as flat foundation brushes, kabuki brushes, and the Beauty Blender, among other things.

Whatever you choose you’ll certainly need to clean your makeup brushes, here’s a great tip to do it efficiently.

Have you tried this heart-shaped flat top kabuki brush for your foundation application? I haven’t, but it looks really pretty I’m wondering if it does the job well.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] Be sure to get my favorite brush, the Mieoko for FREE here.


Know Your Face Shape

A lot of professionals use a darker shade of makeup foundation to contour or to create a warmer tone to the skin so I think it’s good to mention that foundations can be used to sculpt and contour the face as well and for this, you need to have a good knowledge of your face shape in order to create the right structured look that will complement you.


Color Matching is A Must


Color matching is a tricky business, sometimes you pick the right color makeup foundation in the store only to find out when you get home that’s it’s a shade waaaay pinker that you are. This has a lot to do with lighting and even though professionals take long hours and even of study into color matching and color theory, there are a few instructions handed out to us so that we can form a more informed decision when looking for a foundation for ourselves.


Know Your Skin Type


Now all these things so far can only be as good when you know your skin type. From dry skin foundation to oily skin products and even mature skin – different products function differently in different environments and all these information readily available online are for you to take advantage of.


What Type of Foundation To Use?

There are also several types of foundations to choose from and I have to say that this really depends on your preference. I personally like using mineral powders but I find that on clients, I work with creams best so you really need to see for yourself so you can get the feel of each type of makeup foundation. Did you know that tinted moisturizer is a type of foundation too?


What Coverage Do You Want?


There are also different coverage levels for makeup foundation depending on your skin’s requirement and your end goal. This has a lot to do with preference on how to wear it. Some people with very blemished skin choose a full coverage foundation that can help cover their skin imperfections with the least amount of product. Others like to use a medium coverage foundation which they can wear sheer or built up in layers if needed and then there are those with virtually flawless skin who choose to wear light coverage foundation as their go-to base for makeup.


Drugstore or High-end Makeup Foundation?

Sometimes it gets tricky with all these different kinds of finishes from matte to satin to sheer, what kind of makeup foundation you like so it’s really helpful when you get a list of foundation products you can choose from and test out for yourself. But let’s not forget about your budget either, whether you’d like to cover more along the drugstore aisle or you don’t mind breaking the bank with luxury products, your budget plays a big role in your spending however what’s more important is how well you know the product you’re using especially in terms of how it performs and how it registers to the eye.  Here’s a tutorial on how to apply natural-looking makeup foundation.


Check out this flawless foundation routine by Kaushal Beauty:


I hope this list has helped you with your foundation basics, I will be updating this blog as I go along with better and updated product reviews and listicles but for now my goal is to keep it all together in one place that is easy for you to find when you are feeling a little lost with makeup foundation.

Can you think of other additional information about makeup foundation I can put here? Let me know in the comments section below if you thought this article was helpful, take a look at this tutorial to avoid dry skin from showing when applying foundation

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