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feature | What's Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide

What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide

Have you ever wondered what your face shape is? Do you know the role your face shape plays in your overall style and look? If not, then you are in for a treat!

What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide

There is no perfect face shape. Although the oval face shape is deemed to be the most symmetrical, there’s hardly anything that makeup can’t help achieve for you. Aside from making you look pretty and all dolled up, makeup artistry is also about giving the face symmetry and definition. But of course, before you start learning what makeup technique you exactly need your face shape, let’s go to the basics first–face shape! Check out our guide below and determine which face shape you have:

What's Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide


1. Oval Face Shape


An oval shaped face tends to have an equal width and length of the face with a little bit of wideness to the cheeks.  An oval face does not need a lot of contouring, but it can be tricky with blushers, applying the blusher directly on the apples of the cheeks might give it a wider appearance making an oval face appear rounder. The key is to apply the blusher from the cheekbone down to the apple, kind of framing the face from the side.


2. Square Face Shape

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A square-shaped face tends to have strong angles, most models are square shaped. It is characteristic of an angular jaw, but it also tends to be angular on the forehead. In order to create a softer look for a square shaped face, contouring on the cheekbones on the temple and to the sides of the chin may be used. This makes the face seem a bit rounder; thereby softer features.


3. Heart Face Shape

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A heart-shaped face looks wider on the cheekbones and narrower on the chin area. This face shape is easy to trim, just add a bit of contour on the cheekbones and on the temples, to make the wider top seem more symmetrical to the narrow chin.


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4. Round Face Shape

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Round faces are characterized by a wide forehead area and the area below the cheeks. This face shape is mostly symmetrical, but in order to make it appear a bit longer instead of wide, apply a contour on the cheekbones and a bronzer on the cheeks to frame the side of the face.


5. Long or Oblong Face Shape

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] One of the easily recognizable face shapes is the Long-shaped face. Most long shaped faces would be contoured either on the forehead or on the chin to make both ends of the face softer, giving it a more symmetrical and rounded illusion.


6. Pear or Triangle Face Shape

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A pear-shaped face is narrow on the forehead and wider on the jaw line. Contouring the cheekbone area narrows down the wideness of the lower half of the face. Making the eyes pop brings the attention to the eyes creating a softer, jaw line.


So we all have different face shapes and eye shapes…but do you know that the shape of your lip also says something about you? Check out how in this video from We Love Buzz:

We all come in different shapes and sizes and whichever face shape you may have, you are still beautiful. Makeup is just there to enhance your natural features and embracing your face shape gives you the confidence to bring out your most beautiful self. That is all!

Do you know another easy way to determine your face shape? Let us know in the comments below.

Now that you know the shape of your face, learn how to properly contour! Check out How To Contour Your Face Depending On Your Face Shape!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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