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10 Smokey Eyes Night Out Makeup Tutorials

Help yourself to these smokey eyes night out makeup tutorials. That is, if you want to look like Kristen Stewart on a night out and not looking like you’ve had two weeks-worth of sleepless nights!

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Amazing Night Out Makeup Tutorials You Should Try

Going Out? Go for the Smokey Eyes

Are you going out with friends for a night out of partying? The smokey eye look is a safe bet.

The smokey eye is a staple rocked by celebrities on galas, events, and of course parties. Since it’s darer at night you can go extra dark and extra glam. You must highlight those gorgeous eyes to stand out!

Disclaimer — these looks take practice! One way to get the look right is to slowly build the makeup as you go. Start with a lighter look, then darken it as you feel comfortable.

The looks below are not for beginners, but don’t worry — we’ve rounded up videos from a slew of experts. And they’re excellent at breaking down the basics for you to follow step by step.

1. Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Subtle and simple, the bronze smoky eye is one of the safest looks for those who don’t want to go overboard with their smokey eye look. We love this one by Eman.

I love a pretty bronze smokey eye because it can go with almost any eye color and skin tone. Also, it will make your eye pop nicely, which is perfect for night outs. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take out your rich bronze eyeshadow and with a fluffy blending brush, apply it to the center of your eyelids.
  • With a back and forth motion, blend over your eyelids and into the socket but not higher up.
  • Repeat this as you blend in circular motions to even out your eyeshadow and get the depth you want.
  • Apply a brown or black liquid eyeliner to accentuate your smokey eyes.
  • Apply your deep brown eyeshadow under your lower eyelashes with a cotton bud and blend.
  • Finally, apply thick mascara to your lashes.

2. Super Black Smokey Eye

You’ll never go wrong with black. This black-out smokey eye by Desi Perkins is perfect for any occasion and event where you want to make a statement.

Of course, it goes well with any color dress, and it’s a statement look for any skin tone and eye color.

3. Smokey Cat Eye

Jaclyn Hill’s smokey cat eye has over 6 million views (and for good reason). She calls this “the easiest smokey eye ever” and an easy technique you can learn. Once mastered, you can add more colors and experiment with more styles. This is a great technique to master for beginners.

Want to spice it up, here’s an idea to make it silvery and ombre?

This gray ombre smokey eye look is one to make your eye look brighter, too. You can experiment on a variety of color shades you like but for this tutorial, we will go with shades of gray. Here’s how:

  • After applying your concealer and doing your eyebrows, take this L’Oreal makeup silver couture pocket eyeshadow palette.
  • Apply a medium silver shade using your middle finger across your eyelids going deep on the outer corners of your eyes. Give depth under your brow bone and then a little over the outer corners.
  • Take a black matte cream eyeshadow and use a small brush to sweep the shade over your lashline. Make your lash line darker and thicker this way as if you’re applying an eyeliner.
  • Dab a little more of the black matte cream eyeshadow towards the outer corner of your eyelids.
  • From the middle of your lower eyelids going out, use a brush to blend the silver and black, getting darker towards the outer corner to create a cat-eye look.
  • Finish off with a light silver shade on your brow bone to create a glowing effect.
  • Lastly, apply mascara or false eyelashes for added drama.

4. Smoked Purple Grunge Smokey Eyes

This smokey purple eye look is a lovely grunge look for any party, gala or night event you will attend. You can also wear the look for night outs with friends.

Carli Bybel’s technique is always on point, and her tutorial is easy to follow. It’s a go-to look for night events–a night makeup or clubbing makeup, indeed!

5. Red Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

A red smoky eye look may be daunting, but when done right it has a MAJOR wow factor. Rock this look on nights out with friends. It’s fierce and at the same time, edgy.

So, whether you’re going to your company’s Christmas party or a night out with co-workers, go for this makeup application to stand out from others. Follow these steps:

  • After prepping your face, apply an intense red shade to the center of your lid and you blend out to the creases, softening on the edges.
  • Use a fluffy brush and with it, blend a dark orange shade to the creases. Keep blending to get the smokey look you like.
  • Now, apply a white or light shade to the inner corner of your eyes to make your eye shadow pop.
  • Again, with your dark orange shade, use a brush to apply it to your lower lash line.
  • Apply a winged eyeliner. This is optional but this will add drama you want in a night out makeup.
  • Top your red smokey eyes with a false eyelash or thick mascara to your lower and upper lashes.

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6. Gold Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

A gold smokey eye is an easy way to go glam, without overdoing it. Gold is a beautiful shade that flatters warm skin tones, and hazel or brown eyes. Of course, anyone is free to experiment with colors they love! And gold is a perfect way to add luster and shine to your night out look.

7. Pink Smokey Eye

Pink has always been a feminine favorite, but a certain billionaire beauty guru helped modernize this look — and bring it into 2020!

Kylie’s well known for wearing pink. Whether it’s pastel or neon, she always looks good — and you can too! Try this simple yet sexy pink look to make a bold feminine statement!

8. Green Smokey Eye

We love how soft this green smokey eye is. The key here is using browns and neutrals around the eye, with just a pop of color on the lid.

Make sure you won’t go overboard with the darker shades so the green color will still stand out. You can also rock this on your company’s annual Christmas party or your family’s get together.

9. Blue Smokey Eye

We love this all blook look bye Gemma Lepre because she is using all drugstore products! We also like this all-over color look. Use blue on the top and bottom, and as your blend. She also uses a more neutral transition shade to help blend and smoke it out.

This Maybelline New York eye shadow in electric blue should get you the smokey eyeshadow look you want to go for.

10. Nude or Natural Smokey Eye

This simple Kardashian-esque makeup look is perfect for any occasion. In fact, you can rock this look whether it’s a night out with friends or even an event during the day.

The good thing is, it blends with mostly all colors, themes, and even any wardrobe. The subtle sexy glamour highlights your best assets without taking the stage.

Any of these smokey eyes makeup tips will bring out the creativity in you, as you get to experiment with different shades and hues. At the same time, you get to accentuate and highlight your eyes the way you want.

Which smoky eye makeup look would you try? I hope these night out makeup tutorials helped you decide which one’s best for your weekend getaways. Let me know your thoughts through the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 11, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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