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176 Eyeshadow Tutorials & Makeup Hacks For Beauty Junkies

We’ve got a beauty bible of eyeshadow tutorials just waiting for you to explore. The best thing is, they’re for everyone, whether you’re someone just starting out with makeup or someone who gawks at eyeshadow palettes like a kid in a candy store!

Eyeshadow Tutorials & Makeup Hacks You Need to Bookmark

In today’s article, I’ll be giving you the right tools to read for whatever eyeshadow tutorials you might need. From knowing the kind of eyes you have, the right colors to use, down to the types of brushes to keep on your dresser. I’ll even throw in an eyeshadow application guide to help you look like your favorite style stars. I guarantee that by the end of this entry, you’ll feel more inspired to grab a brush to start patting and blending on your lids. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Kinds of Eyes

1. Know Your Eye Shape


Do you know the difference of deep set and almond eyes? Take a look at your own pair of eyes and try to determine what kind you’ve got. And then refer to our guide on how to apply eye makeup based on your eye shape.

2. How to To Contour Your Eyes


Eye contouring is all about using makeup to change or enhance the natural eye shape. Yes ladies, eye contouring is a thing and we’d love to tell you all about it. Feeling curious? Learn more about eye contouring here!

3. 11 Eyeshadow Looks For Asian Eyes


Monolids shouldn’t stop anyone from getting the eyes they want. We’ve got a bunch of makeup tutorials that can help you make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Who knew you could look doe-eyed sans surgery? Click here for eye makeup tips for small eyes!

4. 11 Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses


Don’t hide your pretty face behind those frames! Women who wear glasses shouldn’t feel left out when it comes to the world of eye makeup. Here are our top tips for looking your best with a pair of glasses.

5. 7 Steps: Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes


Makeup for hooded eyes can be challenging because sometimes they can make a lady’s eyes look droopy or small. The trick is to find the right eyeshadow palettes that work for you and a few tips on upward blending. Click here for more hacks for hooded eyes.

6. Eyeshadow Shades for Every Eye Color


We’ve got you covered whichever eye color you have! Personally, I found this eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes super handy. But if you need an eyeshadow tutorial for blue eyes, click here!  It’s all about knowing what colors complement your eyes best, ladies. Want to know yours? Read this.


The Basics of Eyeshadow

7. 6 Types of Eyeshadow Makeup


Too many products and only 1 pair of eyes! It’s time we taught you the differences between powder, cream, and liquid eyeshadows. Our guide will help you decide which to use for the right occasion and how to apply it on your lids. Know more about eyeshadow makeup here. 

8. Guide To 7 Eye Makeup Brushes

Eye Makeup Brush Guide | Eyeshadow Tutorials For All Makeup Junkies | Makeup Tips & Hacks

Be a pro and get to know the uses of all the different kinds of eyeshadow brushes. Trust us, ladies, this is worth the read! I’d put our eye makeup brush guide on bookmark right away if I were you!

9. Eyeshadow Color Wheel

Eyeshadow Color Wheel | Eyeshadow Tutorials For All Makeup Junkies | Makeup Tips & Hacks

Want to take your eyeshadow colors up a notch? Know which shades go best with your eye, hair, and skin color when you find your color wheel profile. You’ll even get to determine the kind of seasonal beauty you are.



10. 6 Steps: Basic Eyeshadow Makeup

Basic Eyeshadow Makeup | Eyeshadow Tutorials For All Makeup Junkies | Makeup Tips & Hacks

Sometimes all a girl needs is a no-nonsense basic eyeshadow tutorial that’s easy to do and won’t get her late for work. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, then click here for our eyeshadow tutorial step by step guide! 

11. 7 Natural Makeup Looks

Natural Makeup Look | Eyeshadow Tutorials For All Makeup Junkies | Makeup Tips & Hacks
image via oncewed

The no makeup look is one of our favorite eyeshadow tutorials to date because it shows the strength of a neutral palette. Did we mention that it’s also one of the easiest looks to do? Here’s a guide to rocking the natural makeup look! 

12. 4 Things To Know About The Cut Crease Method


The cut crease method is perfect for anyone who wants their eyes to look more deep set. By the way, did you know that this method actually started in the 60s? It’s an iconic look that’s still loved by makeup artists today. Find out how to master the cut crease here. 

13. How To Create A Smokey Eye in 6 Steps


Our list would never be complete without a smokey eyeshadow tutorial. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with this smokey eye makeup article. But if you’re already an eyeshadow pro, we’ve got more smokey tutorials you can choose from!

14. 12 Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners


Beginners don’t have to be scared of bright pigments when it comes to eyeshadow. In fact, we’ve got a couple of guides just waiting to be tried. Click here for some colorful eyeshadow tutorials.

15. 5 Glitter Eye Makeup Looks


Here’s a little something extra for all those ladies who can’t get enough of glitter! We’ve got 5 tutorials that show you the different ways you can rock glitter eye makeup.

16. Smokey Eye Tutorial for Hooded Eyes


Got hooded eyes and have no idea how to create the smokey eye look? We’re going to help you with that in the easiest way possible! This smokey eye tutorial for hooded eyes will only take you 10 minutes to do and you’ll get to flaunt those sexy sultry eyes.

17. Pantone Color Of The Year Eye Makeup Tutorial


Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery. And of course, we got an eye makeup tutorial for this beautiful color. It’s easy, simple and will give your eyes a fresh look!

18. Easy Eye Makeup For Green Eyes


Are you a green-eyed babe? Then you know how purple and deep red eyeshadow would look awesome on your eyes. But wait, there’s actually tons of other colors you can play with to enhance your green eyes further. Check out these eye makeup tutorials for green eyes!

19. 12 Colorful Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes


Brown eyes are pretty common, but don’t mistake your pair of brown eyes for being boring! Brown eyes are the easiest color to work with. You can wear purple, silver, blue, yellow, orange, copper, green and other shadow combos. Want to go colorful? Here are colorful eyeshadows for brown eyes you can try!

20. Fun DIY Eyeshadow


Hey, want to put your hands to work? Make this fun DIY eyeshadow with an unused EOS lip balm! Even if you’re not a fan of EOS, this is a great way to make your own creamy eyeshadow!

21. DIY Eyeshadow Primer


The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a cult-favorite. But would you believe me if I say that you can actually make you own DIY eyeshadow primer that performs like UD’s Primer Potion? Try it our yourself!

Special Occasions

22. 7 Eye Looks For Valentine’s Day


Got plans this February 14? Wow your beau during dinner with a look that will leave him completely mesmerized by you. Learn more date night looks here.

23. 22 Steps To Achieve A Music Festival Look


Add a little more oomph to your eyes in your next festival. It’s the perfect time to get creative with your eyeshadow, ladies! Click here for a step by step guide on music festival makeup.

24. 14 Steps To Perfect Your Holiday Season Look


Are you a fan of metallic eyeshadow colors on the lids? We’ve got just the thing for you and we guarantee that it’ll leave you feeling festive in no time! Click here for a glamorous holiday makeup tutorial.


Celeb How Tos

25. 9 Steps To Achieve Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Smokey Eye


Love her or hate her, it seems some people just can’t get enough of Kim K. Want to try on one of her red carpet looks? Here’s a guide to capturing her sexy smokey eye makeup.


Favorite Products

26. 10 Eyeshadow Primers


Never be afraid of your eyeshadow running down ever again. All you need is a primer that will help keep the eyeshadow in place like glue. Click here for our eye primer reviews! 

27. 10 Eyeshadow Palettes Ranked


We’ve selected a diverse range for this article, from the ever famous Naked palettes to the budget friendly Elf eyeshadows. On the lookout for your next Sephora buy? Read this to see our favorite eyeshadow palettes ranked!

28. 10 Budget Eyeshadow Palettes


Want more bang for your buck? This list will show you that you don’t have to spend a lot to get good makeup. See our list  of budget eyeshadow palettes here.

29. 17 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes 

17 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes | Eyeshadow Tutorials For All Makeup Junkies | Makeup Tips & Hacks
image via Beauty Stat

Can’t decide which eyeshadow palette to get? We will help you! Check out our list of the best drugstore and high-end eyeshadow palettes you can get your hands on!


Want to know some eyeshadow dos and don’ts? Watch this video from Laura Lee!

Ladies, eyeshadows tutorials help us appreciate the joy of putting on eye makeup. All the eyeshadow colors are so inviting and the palettes look absolutely gorgeous. I understand that it’s normal to feel a little intimidated at first, but don’t let that stop you from taking a brush and experimenting with your lids. Oh and before I forget, be sure to bookmark this article so that you can save it for your next look! I’ve already got a couple ones that I have my eyes on!

Want more makeup tutorials for beginners? We’ve got just the thing!

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