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Cut Crease Makeup: Everything You Need to Know

Cut crease makeup is from the 1960’s era. If you’re one to follow beauty vloggers, then you must know about cut crease makeup. Want to know more about what it is and how to create one?


Cut Crease Makeup Trend and How To Make One

Makeup artistry goes way back and the cut crease makeup trend is not a new thing, it’s mainly a resurgence coming from the 1960’s era. Times when Twiggy was iconic and Brigitte Bardot was a bombshell. If you have no idea who these beauties are, it’s time you look them up and find out about the awesome retro fashion some of us are too young to live out.

One of the things we took out of the swinging 60’s, aside from the big eyeliner, is the cut crease eye makeup trend. It’s a dramatic play on an otherwise simple play on colors. Today I’m going to show you how to make one. It could be challenging, but the look is really fun and dramatic. I promise it’s worth all the effort.

So if you haven’t yet discovered what the 60’s cut crease makeup trend looked like, let me first show you how it was done in that time before I go ahead and show you how most beauty influencers do it now.


1960’s Cut Crease Makeup


Meant mostly as a play on the smokey-eye look, it has slowly turned to graphic lines and depth on the eyelid area to create a deep-set look that is obvious and quite intimidating, however, iconic it has become.

Nowadays, we see a big comeback of the cut crease makeup from the 1960’s but no longer as a graphic eye look but more as a variety of the smokey-eye look except for when it is used in editorials and fashion runways.

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Creating Cut Crease Makeup

Knowing how to create a cut crease makeup look takes mastery of your eye shape because creating the wrong curve on your cut crease might ruin the look of the eye makeup. So be sure that when creating a cut crease you already have a “goal” in mind, how do you want your eye to look? Will creating a deeper curve towards the inner corner of the eye be better for your eye shape? Or would a more neutral cut crease be of better use for a neutral eye shape? Once you’ve figured out what your eye shape is then you are ready to play with the cut crease look.

Here is a basic tutorial of the cut crease makeup look for 2016 as shown by beauty vlogger Chrisspy:


Step 1: Apply Transition Shade Above Crease

Choose a transition color and apply above your crease but not going all the way to your eyebrow.


Step 2: Draw Cut Crease and Blend

Using a darker shadow, create a line that will act as the cut crease line separating the inner lid to the transition shade.


Step 3: Lid

Apply a highlighter color right on the lid for contrast, this trick also creates a more open eye look.


Step 4: Define the Line

Go on once again with a darker color and a much smaller brush head to define the cut crease. Add a wing liner for added effect or if you don’t like to it should work as well.

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Watch the whole video tutorial by Chrisspy below:


The cut crease technique immediately creates a more deep set looking eye and a dramatic spin on a smokey eye look. Wear it to events and parties or you can also use bright colors for festivals or if you just want to have fun with makeup on an otherwise mundane day, you can definitely add some excitement to your look with a cut crease eyeshadow.

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Do you have a simple cut crease makeup trick you’d like to share, go ahead and tell me about it in the comments section below; if you liked this era inspired look, get more inspired with this vintage tutorial.

As for me, I can’t wait till it’s summer again so I can pair my killer cut crease with this laid-back jumpsuit:


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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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