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7 Eyeshadow Date Night Looks Perfect for Your Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so to help you with your date night looks, here are some eyeshadow looks that are easy and as romantic as ever.

Romantic Date Night Looks for Valentine’s Day

Going on a date should be fun and should not feel like you’ve tried so hard, after all, you want a good time and at the same time keep with the trends this year. So these date night looks I’ve prepared for you are simple enough to accentuate your natural features yet striking to keep your date looking at you. You can always make variations in terms of colors and products but I think these 7 eyeshadow makeup look would be perfect for a romantic date on a fine Valentine’s Day evening.

Check out these pretty date night looks that will surely take you and your date’s breath away.


1. Date Night Looks: Big Eyelashes

Let’s start with a simple eye look, using just very neutral colors of browns accentuate the eye area by defining the crease and highlighting the lid with a matte cream color, go over your waterline with a nude color pencil to give you that wide eye look and about two coats of mascara for a date night look that is very simple and very sexy. To keep it interesting, coat your nails with fall-themed colors for a look that do not take away from your eyes.


2. Date Night Looks: Romantic Eyes


The romantic eye look using pinks and rose tones to give you a dainty and feminine look. Perfect for a fashionable date night and one of my favorite date night looks. Using shimmer on the lid area will give this look modern feel and keeping it less saturated in terms of color will give your look a polished and natural looking feel.


3. Date Night Looks: Copper Eyes

For a sultry and sexy take on your idea of date night looks this copper eye with false lashes would do just that for you.  Create a wing on the outer corner of your eye for a sexy feminine flick.


4. Date Night Looks: Winged Liner

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] Using a black eyeshadow and a flat liner brush, create a wing that frames the eye from the outer corner fading out towards the inner corner. Blend it outwards to create a soft smokey haze around the lines and you’ve got a beautiful wing liner that’s a statement in itself, create a stunning look by pairing this soft wing liner with an Egyptian-inspired nail art.


You can take it to the next level too:



5. Date Night Looks: Rose Gold Glitter

One of the many beautiful date night looks I’ve found is this micro fine glitter eye look. Using gold glitters on top of a pale pink eyeshadow creates such a beautiful look, your date won’t soon forget, you can also pair this look with a glitter nail art for a complete makeup look.


6. Date Night Looks: Sexy Smokey Eye

A sexy smokey eye look will always be on the list of date night looks for Valentine’s Day. Bring edge and a different dimension to the look by using different colors that complement each other. Like moss green, brown, and black.

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7. Date Night Looks: Pastel Eyes


This pastel violet eyes is a sexy variation for the graphic wing liner look. Although this seems a bit out of the usual eye look it spells sophistication especially when done right. Keep the rest of the makeup simple and keep your date looking at your eyes.


Here’s another date night look you can wear on Valentine’s Day, check out the video by Alyssa Forever:


Date night looks can be simple or they can be super glam but remember not to take away the fun in hanging out with someone by fussing and stressing about makeup while you’re out. So just be yourself and wear the look you are most comfortable with. Here’s to a date to remember, cheers!

So which one’s are you going to wear for your date? Let me know in the comments section below and if you are still on the look out for what to wear, you’ll find some really good ideas here


I love these earrings from Mason and Ivy for a date night because it will look good on anything: 


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