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11 Fabulous Asian Eye Makeup Tutorials And Tricks You Need To Try

Want smokey eyes, Korean-style makeup, and bigger and brighter eyes? Check out the gorgeous looks below.

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Achieve Lovely Asian Eye Makeup Look with These 100% Foolproof Tips!

Best Asian Eye Makeup Tips

A big shout-out to all our Asian beauty lovers out there — believe me when I say I understand how hard it is to find the perfect makeup looks. But don’t worry, because I’ve put together the best Asian eye makeup ideas that will surely enhance and beautify your lovely peepers.

Applying makeup on small, monolid, or hooded Asian eyes can be a challenge, but with this list of Asian makeup techniques, you’ll never have a bad makeup day again. The diversity of Asian eye shapes call for many kinds of Asian eye makeup tutorials!

1. bubzbeauty’s 8 Ways to Wear Eyeliner | Makeup for Asian Eyes

You know what’s the ultimate issue with Asian eyes? Its size.

Asian eyes are usually small, which is why eye makeup for Asian eyes focuses on making the eyes appear bigger.

One of the two makeup products you MUST have is eyeliner. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if you have eyeshadow; the perfect eyeliner is enough.

To help you out with the different eyeliner application techniques for Asians, check out the video above and practice, practice, practice!

If you’re wondering, there’s really no specific eyeliner for Asian eyes. But, I suggest you buy a jet black liquid liner and a brown eyeliner pencil for starters.

2. From Head to Toe’s Mascara for Short, Straight Lashes

The other makeup product you must have is the mascara. Eyeliner and mascara can’t exist without the other, so you must have both!

Eyeliner helps make your eye appear bigger, but mascara makes your eyes pop! The thing is, Asian eyes are notorious for short and straight lashes, and they can be very unruly too.

So, to overcome the lash challenge, this video should teach you everything you have to know about mascara application. And if you’re wondering what best mascara for Asian eyes is, you’d want to try the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara!

3. Jenn Im’s Everyday Look

Once you’ve worked on your eyeliner and mascara game, you can start practicing on your looks. One of the go-to makeup looks for Asian eyes is the everyday natural Asian eye makeup look.

Of course, this is an essential look that you really have to master. It’s a great daytime look… soft, simple, and pretty!

If you’re aiming for the natural look make sure you have an eyeshadow palette with natural shades on it like this Maybelline The Blushed Nudes.

4. Tina Yong’s Classic Smokey Eye Makeup

If you have monolid or hooded eyes, find comfort in knowing that you can do Asian smokey eye makeup any time, girl! It’s all about learning the proper technique to achieve the look.

This tutorial for classic smokey eye makeup is perfect for beginners. Believe me when I say this eye makeup will never fail you! This Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky Eyeshadow Palette is going to be your best friend!

5. Claire Marshall’s Silver Smokey Eye Look | Makeup for Asian Eyes

Just to give you another option on smokey eye makeup, this one is perhaps a level higher than the classic smokey eye. This silver smokey eye for Asian eyes will be a great nighttime look.

It’s also a good way to learn how to do eye makeup without creating harsh lines that can make your eyes look smaller! Whether you prefer the classic or silver smokey eye, you’ll look fierce either way!

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6. sichenmakeupholic’s Sultry Eye Makeup

Definitely one of my favorites in this list, this natural sultry makeup for Asian eyes is just exquisite! I love this everyday look with a hint of sultry and sexy.

If you’re coming from work and need to attend a party afterward, this is the go-to makeup for you (unless you want something bolder). I think this is also a lovely date night look too!

7. Wengie’s Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial

As I mentioned earlier, the ultimate goal is to make those eyes pop. But let’s admit it, it’s not every day that you want to put A+ effort on doing your makeup.

If you just need to do your errands, you need not do a complete look. So, if you just want bigger eyes, Wengie has the best tips on how you can achieve the look in a more natural-looking way.

8. Jenn Im’s Summer Glow Makeup

Whatever the season may be, you need a look that will make you glow! This summer glow makeup tutorial is simply beautiful and if you want that dewy look, look no further.

I really like this look because it makes my skin look plump, fresh, and flawless! A cream or liquid highlighter will help you achieve a fresh dewy look.

9. sichenmakeupholic’s Korean Everyday Look

Going Korean? Yes, yes, and yes!

Korean makeup has been making waves in the makeup industry for the past years and it’s not surprising why the whole world fell in love with the Korean makeup look. For Asian women, I think it’s a must that you learn this look because it’s made for Asian features.

Personally, I’m loving Korean-style makeup because of the fresh and dewy look!

10. Noccbird SR’s Asian Nude-Brown Eyes | Makeup for Asian Eyes

First off, isn’t she beautiful? Second, that winged eyeliner is perfectly done!

And last, those eyebrows are on fleek! There are several more things to love about this Asian nude-brown eye makeup, like getting that gorgeous flawless skin and pulling off this sexy natural look.

Gosh, I love the nude lippie too. Everything about this is just perfect! I suggest using a liquid matte lipstick that’s waterproof!

By the way, the tutorial is not in English, but you can easily follow the steps.

11. Kat von D Unlimited’s Eye Contour + How to Lift Your Eyes

One of the best vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands teaches us how to contour and lift Asian eyes using their Shade and Light Palette.

So if you’re planning to learn about contouring and highlighting, this is the tutorial you’d want to watch. This tutorial is a great start for makeup beginners.

See the power of makeup and watch how to transform a monolid or hooded eyelid into a double eyelid in this video from Soonkie!

It’s true, Asian eyes can be tougher to work with. But instead of focusing on the challenge ahead, embrace your uniqueness.

Whether you have small eyes, monolid eyes, or hooded eyes, you will always look beautiful. Did you see how gorgeous these makeup tutorials are?

Enjoy working on these Asian eye makeup looks!

Which Asian eye makeup look is your favorite? Please tell us about your Asian eye makeup experiences in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 6, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy!