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Eyebrow Tutorial For Perfect Eyebrows That Last

Looking for a solid eyebrow tutorial? Achieve the eyebrow goals of your dreams, without it smudging on your face, with this eyebrow routine from Youtube beauty guru, Cosmetics by Mackenzie, her brows are the epitome of FLEEK.

The Eyebrow Tutorial That Will Make Brows Last Longer

I love working on a client with groomed eyebrows because the makeup is easier to map out and it just gives you a better perspective of the face and the personality. Before we begin, I just want to say that there are many ways you can do your eyebrows. I bet we all have our own eyebrow routine, but every once in a while it’s worth looking at other people’s eyebrow routines to see if we can improve or if there’s a technique we’re missing out on. Much like how you have your own taste in clothes, you need to stay updated with the trends no matter how classic your wardrobe is.

You’ll find this video by Cosmetics by Mackenzie quite helpful!

Before we jump into the eyebrow tutorial, I just want to give you the list of what you need. Of course, you can use a different brand per product, but here are the recommendations to create the perfect eyebrows based on the eyebrow tutorial.

Things you’ll need for this eyebrow tutorial:

Watch the complete eyebrow tutorial by Cosmetics by Mackenzie here. Or follow along in the steps below.

I love how this tutorial is simple and easy, absolutely anyone can do this. Also, can I just say, I really dig her matte black nail polish! I’m totally turning that into my own version of a sophisticated nail look.


Step 1: Thinly Apply Powder Over The Eyebrow

Using a powder brush, dip the brush into a setting powder and lightly press it on the eyebrow this allows for more texture for the eyebrow products to hold on to and it also takes out the oil around that area which might ruin how your makeup holds.


Step 2: Brush The Hair Up

It’s best to brush the hair up before applying any product so you can see where you need to fill in areas that you don’t normally see when your eyebrow hairs are down.


Step 3: Outline The Eyebrow

Start by using an eyebrow pomade, in this eyebrow tutorial, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade was used with the help of the ABH angled brush. Apply the pomade starting on the bottom part of the eyebrows to give it a shape. Lightly brush the product upward with a spoolie to blend for a more natural effect.


Step 4: Fill Eyebrow

Using an eyebrow powder, use the same angled brush and use the eyebrow powder to fill them in. Mackenzie’s eyebrow tutorial used the ABH Duo Powder to create a more filled-in eyebrow.


Step 5: Precisely Define Eyebrow

Using concealer and a flat shader brush, apply on the brow bone just below where you outlined the eyebrows and blend. Do the same thing on top of the eyebrow to really define your eyebrow. This also prevents the product from feathering or smudging especially in humid weather.


Step 6: Apply Eyebrow Gel

Using an eyebrow gel, set the eyebrow hair by brushing it with the eyebrow gel wand upwards and across. The Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara was used to achieve this look, it works just the same compared to higher end products and it’s cheaper too.


Now all you have to do is wear this look with 2017’s pantone color of the year and you’ll definitely be on trend.

You can follow Makeup by Mackenzie on Youtube, Instagram @cosmeticsbymackenzie, and Twitter @cosmeticsbymac


Now that your eyebrows are on fleek, make sure your wardrobe is in check with these adorable booties from Mason and Ivy:


Let me know if you have any eyebrow routine techniques I should learn in the comments section below; if you enjoyed this tutorial I’m sure you’ll find this hooded eye makeup tutorial really helpful too.

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