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Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes | Makeup Tutorials Guide

Looking for the best eyeshadow for brown eyes and a step by step eye makeup tutorial? Make your brown eyes stand out with different eyeshadow colors from teal, brown, copper, and gold!

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Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes Tutorials

1. Gold Smokey Brown Eye

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Gold is a great eyeshadow for hazel brown eyes because this color helps the yellow tint in your eyes pop out but a full-gold eyeshadow isn’t the way to go.

So we recommend this golden smokey eye. If you’re looking for something simpler, just mix in some copper or bronze color.

2. Electric Blue Brown Eyes


Why is electric blue a great eyeshadow palette for brown eyes? It’s because its cool color contrasts with the warmness of your brown eyes.

Pick bright-blue hues like royal blue or electric blue. An extra tip to bright the whites in your eyes is to wear royal blue eyeliner along your lash line.

3. Silver Eyes with Grey Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

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A simple silver eyeshadow or silver smokey eye looks great on brown eyes. This eyeshadow color has the same cool tone as bright blue colors.

Choose platinum silver, metallic, or gunmetal but remember as little silver eyeshadow as possible on your lower lash line. Too much of it can make the dark undereye circles stand out.

4. Purple and Gold

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Do you know purple eyeshadow is a great makeup if not the best eyeshadow for dark brown eyes? Purple is a very flattering eyeshadow color and the perfect makeup for brown eyes and brown hair.

Purple eyeshadow for brown eyes works perfectly because brown and purple are contrasting colors on the color wheel! We suggest going for a purple shade with a bluish tint or mixing purple with gold.

5. Bridal Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Is your big day coming soon? Or maybe, a friend or relative is getting married soon?

We highly suggest this bridal eye makeup for brown-eyed ladies. Just like any bridal makeup, we want to keep it soft and simple.

Of course, we don’t want something too simple it will pass for an everyday makeup look. A deep crease, a perfectly shaped winged eyeliner, and a neutral eyeshadow will make you look gorgeous.

6. Teal and Coral Eyes

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Want to know what color eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop? Green is one of the best eyeshadows for brown eyes you can ever wear!

It will look amazing on you if you have hazel and purely brown eyes. It makes your eyes stand out and make it look more vibrant. Add a bit of peach eyeshadow in the middle to soften the look.

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7. Holiday Shimmer Eyes

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I know the holidays are over but this holiday shimmer makeup is one of the go-to makeup tips for brown eyes! If you’re going on out on a date night or perhaps, just attending a formal party, this champagne gold eyeshadow will look great on your brown eyes.

If you have brown eyes and dark hair, I suggest you try this look!

8. Blue and Silver Eyes


We saw how great blue and silver eyeshadows are for your brown eyes. What if we put them together?

Mixing blue and silver eyeshadow is a deadly combo for brown eyes and when we say deadly, we mean it’s going to leave everyone in awe!

Use silver on the inner corner and work your way to the other part of the eye with the blue eyeshadow getting darker. Don’t forget to line the lash line with royal blue eyeliner.

9. Coral and Olive Eyes


Green makes hazel brown eyes pop, while coral brightens up the eyes. This eyeshadow for brown eyes combo is a great eye makeup to try this spring and summer season.

It’s bubbly, colorful, and very refreshing. It may not be your usual eye makeup combo but if you’re looking for ways on how to make brown eyes stand out, this is it!

10. Rosy Smokey Brown Eyes

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This rosy smokey eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes is to die for! This look is a mix of pink and purple which perfectly complements the brownness of the eyes.

I’ve done this a couple of times and let me tell you, I always get compliments whenever I wear this look!

11. Everyday Eyes

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If you want a solid everyday eye makeup for brown eyes, then we’re going to stick with the neutrals and just a tinge of color. The fact is, sticking to a neutral brown eyeshadow will blend in with your brown eyes and it’s not a great thing.

So what we suggest is to wear brown shadow on the lids but add a bit of teal, green, or purple on the lower lash line or waterline.

12. Mermaid Eyes


The last but certainly not the list is our next favorite eyeshadow for brown eyes. It’s a combination of yellow, orange, and green–three great colors for brown eyes.

This is a fabulous spring and summer look! The colors are fun and adventurous which should inspire you to be more creative in the sunny seasons.

Want to learn how to do a copper glitter smokey eye for brown eyes? Check out this tutorial from Denitslava Makeup:

Having brown eyes can feel like you’re just part of the majority and you probably wished at least once to have green or blue eyes. The truth is, brown eyes are the easiest to work and it’s easy to create different looks because there are many colors which flatter brown eyes.

From a mermaid eyeshadow look to sultry smokey eyes, you’ll definitely find the right look for any occasion. So brown-eyed babes, find out what eyeshadow for brown eyes is right for you and experiment with new looks as well!

Which makeup tutorial for brown eyes is your favorite? Do you have your own go-to eyeshadow for brown eyes tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 31, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.