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Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a Pro With These Easy Steps

The beauty market is saturated with different liquid lipsticks of different colors and I personally can’t get enough of them. However, we all know it can be a bit tricky to use since the consistency of a liquid lipstick could be a bit hard to manipulate especially for someone who does not use it often.

I have a lot of liquid lipsticks in my kit and with all the many beautiful colors and different finishes, I just have to make sure I know how to use it correctly or else all these beautiful formulations will go to waste.

Before we dive into the tutorial, note that in order to create a crisp, clean line with your liquid lipstick, it would be wise to go over your lips with what’s left of the foundation on your brush or beauty blender. Envision the shape you want, either you want to overdraw your lip shape or not, it is better to have a goal in mind as in all things.

Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a Pro With These Easy Steps

Get your liquid lipstick ready and exfoliate your lips because your liquid lipstick game is going to be stronger with these simple and easy-to-follow steps. Before you start, make sure you have everything ready. There are a lot of videos teaching you how to apply liquid lipstick on yourself, but this tutorial from Nikkia Joy is the most practical I find.


What you will need to apply liquid lipstick like a Pro:

  • Liquid Lipstick of your choice
  • Lip Liner
  • Angled Liner Brush
  • Concealer


Step 1: Clean Base

As usual, whenever you put something on your face, you want to start with a clean base, and this is also true for liquid lipsticks.


Step 2: Use a Lip Brush

If you can create perfectly coated lips with the applicator, that’s good, however, for some who find it a bit challenging, a lip brush might work better for you. Just deposit a small amount of product on the back of your hands and dip the lip liner from there.


Step 3: Outline the Lower Lip

Using the lip brush and a small amount of product, outline the lower lip first be careful not to overline it at first because you can start building up once you get the lower lip shape done. TIP: Use a thin coat of product to ensure you’re liquid lipstick won’t crack or look too heavy.


Step 4: Outline the Cupid’s Bow

After the lower lip has been outlined, take your lip brush up to your cupid’s bow and line them also. Don’t be in a hurry to fill in your lips, it takes a little bit of patience to create perfectly coated lips with liquid lipstick.


Step 5: Connect

After outlining the cupid’s bow, start connecting it to the lower lip by using small strokes starting on the outer corner of your lips as this tutorial shows us.


Step 6: Fill

When you’re happy with the shape you’ve created, you can go ahead and fill it in with the remaining product on your brush. For a more vivid color, take the liquid lipstick applicator and put on another coat of color on your lip, careful not to go over the lip shape.


Step 7: Clean Edges

Clean the edges using an angled liner brush and concealer. It’s important to let the liquid lipstick dry out completely as it can mix with the concealer when wet creating a halo of color around where you clean the edges off.


Watch NikkiaJoy’s whole tutorial below:

Let me know what you think of this liquid lipstick tutorial in the comments below. Also share your liquid lipstick looks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! I’d love to see them!

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