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Eye Makeup Ideas | Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how to apply eye shadow that creates a bold, yet sexy look?

We have too, which is why we want to share one of our favorite smokey eye tutorials with you. We guarantee it will add some pizzazz and sparkle to your next night out on the town. Heck, you’ll even be red carpet ready.


  • Eye primer
  • Pink highlighting pencil
  • Neutral eye shadow
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Metallic grey eye shadow
  • White eye shadow
  • Clear brow gel
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Eye Glitter
  • Lashes
  • Liquid Liner
  • Black Mascara

Step 1


You will start by using an eye primer base all over both lids. This helps the eye shadow adhere so you can keep your rock star look all night.


Step 2:


Next, grab your pink highlighting pencil and follow the bottom curve of your eyebrows. This helps open up the eyes and give more definition to your eyebrows. You will also apply it in the inside corner of the eye and across the lid.

Blend it in by using your finger.


Step 3:


Apply a neutral eye shadow all over the lid by tapping the brush. Tapping helps the shadow last and stick to the primer.


Step 4:


Now you will apply a neutral brown to the crease of the eye. Keep your eyes open so you can make sure you are only applying across the crease.


Step 5:


Take a firm, short-haired brush dip it into your metallic grey eye shadow and carefully tap across the lid. Don’t worry if the shadow gets a little messy,  you may apply your foundation afterwards.


Step 6:

Next, apply white eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes. Although we are going for a smokey look, the white shadow helps the eyes look bright.


Step 7:

Take a clear brow gel to a cue tip and tap it on top of the shadow you just applied. This will help the glitter in the following step stick in place.


Step 8:


Tap your glitter on top of the gel. Black and silver work great for your rock star look.


Step 9:


Apply a gel liner to the inside, bottom of the eyes. Take your sparkly black shadow and apply it over the gel liner. This helps keep the liner from fading.


Step 10:

Dip a cue tip into non-oily eye makeup remover and drag it underneath the eye to pick up any loose shadow or glitter.

You can also drag the cue tip under the eye and up at the end corners to help create that cat eye and smokey look.


Step 11:


Apply a little mascara before gluing down your fake eyelashes.


Step 12:


We recommend applying the glue to the lashes using a small brush. Wait about 15 seconds before applying to allow the glue to become tacky.

Add mascara to the bottom lashes to complete the smokey look.


Step 13:

Lastly, apply liquid liner across the top lid.

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