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Vera 2 Pink makeup look | How To Wear The Pretty Pink Makeup Look Everyday | Featured

How To Wear The Pretty Pink Makeup Look Everyday

Like an outfit you can wear everyday, pink makeup is versatile and fanciful. Whether its a charming baby pink or a glam hot pink, you can make it your own.

For makeup inspiration, check out these looks and you will be adding to cart before you know it.

In this compilation, you will find:

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Pink Makeup Looks You’ll Want to Wear Everyday

Eyes | Pink Makeup

1. Catch Their Eye

@dhamijaanchal70Coachella look ##raveparty ##concertlook ##pinkeyemakeup♬ Kinna sohna by Ammy virk – ammyvirk1313

Paint some hot pink on your doe eyes and I promise you will stop traffic. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about blending, just apply a solid block that follows the natural shape of your eye and you’re set.

Tip: An eye shadow base or primer will intensify the pink pigment and will do wonders for your makeup’s longevity.

2. Baby Pink Whisper


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If hot pink screams too much, then how about a wash and whisper of color? This pink pastel tone is light enough to give you a subtle, feminine makeup look but vibrant enough to get you looks at a party.

Feathery brows and wispy lashes will compliment your baby pink eyeshadow to create an ethereal makeup aesthetic. Make sure your lip gloss matches the look.

3. Pink Monochromatic Makeup

@maiasethna.inPink Eyeshadow Makeup Look ##sayso ##tiktokmakeup ##pinkeyemakeup ##pinkeyeshadow ##beauty @smashboxcosmetics @maccosmetics @narsissist @toofaced♬ Say So – Doja Cat

Highlight all your best features in a monochromatic look in a shade that will bring out your tan. Because eye looks are the most intricate and play with the most color, start there and match your blush and lip color later on.

If you don’t have the blush to match, use the same shadow you used on your eyes on your cheeks.

4. Smoke and Mirrors


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Did you know that you don’t actually need black eyeshadow to execute a smoky eye? To get a pink smoky eye, use a deep fuchsia on your crease and the corners of your eyes. Bedazzle your eyes with glitter all over your lid because smoky eyes can get even more glamorous.

Tip: If you want to apply a shade five times lighter than your crease color, add a bit of concealer on your lid to create a light, clean canvas.

5. Get in Line


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Cop a cat-eye that will make felines grow green with envy, this is the fierce eye look to end all looks. Focus your eyeshadow on your lash line to intensify your eyeliner, for this look you might even get away with not using liner.

Two shades of pink will add depth and dimension to your look, not that you need your makeup look needs any more drama.

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Lips | Pink Makeup

6. Gloss Is Boss

woman pink glossy lips beauty makeup | How To Wear The Pretty Pink Makeup Look Everyday

All eyes will be on you since you’ll be dripping with good looks with your wet and juicy lips. Catch the midday summer sun with a high shine gloss, add a bit of highlighter to the top of your cheekbones to achieve a luminous finish.

Glosses with sparse glitters will add dimension and interest to your overall look.

Tip: A hydrating lip gloss will moisturize your lips so you can keep looking good after washing it off. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Bitten Lip

@elsenoritabeautyHer lips are just 😍 by: @baedina Follow us for more MAKEUP and BEAUTY videos 🤗 ##lips ##lipstick ##koreanlips ##foryoupage ##foryou ##fyp ##viral♬ breathe slow – Rook1e

Get inspired by Korean makeup artistry with this pink bitten lip makeup look. This gradient lip look focuses all the color on the innermost edges of your kissers, making it look like you nibbled on them.

Look for lip stains with velvet finishes and consistencies, these are easier to spread and will mask the lines on your lips. It may also provide you with a bit of hydration, their liquid lip counterparts are known to reveal dry and chapped skin – no thank you.

Go over your lips with a bit of concealer to allow the gradient effect to really come out, a blank canvas to curate a work of art.

8. Glitz


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Swipe on a glittery pink lipstick to metamorphose your OOTD into a red carpet look, Access Hollywood will want to know what shade you’re wearing. If you don’t have a glittery lipstick, dab a bit of shimmery eyeshadow over your pink lippy.

Cosmetics good enough for the eyes are safe to use on your lips, and we’re all about multi-use makeup here in Makeup Tutorials.

Tip: Go over your lips with some scrub to slough off dead skin cells and reveal smoother skin. The only texture we want on your lips is glitter, a lot of it.

9. Pretty in Pink


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Sudden Zoom meeting got you blue? Cover it up with a bold pink shade and bring out the boss in you. If you find the bold lip intimidating, keep your look minimal with a feathery brow and a touch of powder foundation.

Tip: Vibrant colors look especially beautiful on beauties with medium to deep skin tones, whether you go with cool or warm tones. Keep it vibrant and festive.

Cheeks | Pink Makeup

10. Exaggerated Flush

@paulahldnLove Riri and @fentybeauty 💕##beauty ##fentybeauty ##creamblush ##fentyface ##makeup♬ original sound – fentybeauty

Add a layer of blush, and another one, and another one.

Catch up with one of the hottest makeup trends this 2020, this intense cheek makeup will make you look like you’ve been playing outside all day. Dab on multiple layers of color, but don’t neglect the natural contour of your face. Saturate the color on the apples of your cheek and gradually fade it out from there.

11. I’m Blushing


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Here’s a feminine and romantic aesthetic that will have both you and the boys blushing, so cute.

If the exaggerated blush colors the apples of your cheeks in technicolor, this aesthetic is about keeping it HD and natural. The former focuses on the center of your cheeks, while the latter colors the high points of your cheeks.

Apply some blush on your cheeks, moving upwards towards the high points of your cheekbones beneath your eyes.

Check out how Jaclyn Hill plays with pink makeup with this trendy tutorial:

I hope these pink makeup inspirations brighten up your day! If you’re a beginner in makeup, hone your skills while playing with a pink palette. You’ll find that there’s a pink shade for every mood.

Blending the natural shade is easy, and pink lipstick is easy to experiment and shop for. Browse through your hot pink makeup bag and see what you can work with. You can come up with so many creative makeup looks with just one color pink makeup palette.

Step away from your nude palette, and let’s freshen up your look!

How pink is your everyday makeup? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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