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Vera 2 Pink makeup look | How To Wear The Pretty Pink Makeup Look Everyday | Featured
How To Wear The Pretty Pink Makeup Look Everyday
Like an outfit you can wear everyday, pink makeup is versatile and fanciful. Whether its a charming baby pink or a glam hot pink, you can make it your own. For makeup inspiration, check out these looks and you will be adding to cart before you know it. In this compilation, you will find: Eyes | Pink…
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7 Best Tinted Sunscreens Worth Investing This Summer
Tinted sunscreen is probably one of the best summer skincare one can have handy. Not only does it work as a light foundation to hide discolorations and uneven tones on your face, but it also acts as a sunblock with its SPF content. RELATED: Easy Homemade Sunscreen Recipe Using Natural Ingredients Here's Our Round-Up of the Best Tinted…
7 Quick Mommy Makeup Tips For Busy Moms
These mommy makeup tricks are full-proof and useful even if you are not a mother yourself, go ahead and share the love with these amazing mommy makeup hacks. Tweet Share Share Pin 10 10 Shares
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11 Drugstore Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without | Makeup Tutorials
Drugstore beauty products are budget-friendly for makeup enthusiasts. Pricier makeup doesn't always mean better. Here are 11 products we can't live without. 11 Drugstore Beauty Products I Can't Live Without It's no secret that I'm a total makeup lover. I love trying out new products and searching for the best pieces of each makeup line, from…
Going Platinum Blonde
Things You Need to Know Before Going Platinum Blonde

Are you thinking about going platinum blonde? Well, if you've been a brunette all your life this will definitely be a drastic change, but don't worry this article will help to prepare you for the transition!

Things You Need to Know Before Going Platinum Blonde

 So you wanna change your look in a major way by opting for a trendy platinum blonde shade; sure it looks good, but there are things you need to know before reaching that box of dye. It is certainly a head-turning color but achieving those enviable platinum locs may not be as easy as you might think. So here are some things you need to know beforehand.  You might wanna take note of these.

Will it suit your skin tone?


It's a factor you need to consider before going platinum blonde. The said color suits some skin tones more than others. Just make sure you won't look crazy in the end-- unless that's the look you're going for!

You'll have to tweak your makeup and wardrobe


 Of course, you need to change your style up a little bit. Now you have to blend those dark  eyebrows with your new blond hair. Some women opt to bleach their brows to lighter color. You'll have to tweak your makeup routine as well, colors that may have worked perfectly with your brunette hair might be a total 'fail' when you switch to platinum blond. You'll have to experiment until you figure out what works with this new hair color.

You can't DIY


Dyeing your hair to platinum blonde is a long process with several steps involved. You can't do this on your own or at home. It's best to get this done at a salon by someone who has prior experience in this area.

There might be hair damage


Yeah! Don't be surprise when this happens. Your hair will undergo a bit of damage and dryness due to bleaching, toning,  intense coloring and so on.   The texture of your hair will change as well. It might also require chopping or clipping off the ends of your hair.

 No worries, short hair looks classier with platinum blonde anyway.

You have to prep your hair


Hairdressers want you to not wash your hair prior to your appointment. Natural oils coat the scalp and it'll be less painful during the process, so the dirtier the better. Also, avoid excessive brushing of your hair.

It's more expensive than you think


It may cost a bit more to constantly maintain those platinum locs.  After the initial bleaching and coloring,   daily basis upkeep will be important. You'll need to book follow- up appointments with your hairdresser for retouching and you'll need a specific set of hair care products specifically for platinum blond hair maintenance.

Yes, yes it does seem like a lot of work, but 'beauty is pain' after all. Go ahead and have fun with your hair; its always exciting to try something new!

Essential Beauty Ritual for Sensitive Skin

Beauty ritual for sensitive skin becomes quite challenging since there are so many small things that can cause swelling, rashes and redness. However sensitive skin shouldn't get in the way of acquiring flawless skin, you may just have to perform your beauty rituals in a different way, and with products created specifically for your skin type.

 Read this article for essential beauty tips geared towards those with sensitive skin.

Beauty Ritual for Sensitive Skin

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