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5 Types of Mens Casual Leather Shoes to Get Your Style Game Going

Casual leather shoes can either be the classic boots to strapped ones to even loafers and trainers. Confused as to what to wear and when? Don’t worry, we’re here too guide you through the process to save you from making wrong fashion choices. You will look decent enough to woo someone you’ve been eyeing in the party.

Here are the top five types of mens casual leather shoes that men can wear to get their style game going:


The classic boot: the classic leather shoes are often misunderstood as the ones s that can only be worn at formal occasions. The famous derby or oxford or even the brogue have this bad name, but no. Stylists have been seen often pairing these shoes into the wardrobe as being a smart-casual look. All the above mentioned classic shoes have their own distinctive characteristics which make them unique and appropriate for different occasions. For example, an oxford can easily be distinguished from a brogue by looking at the low heel design, ankle along with the lacing system. These mens casual leather shoes are sure to make a statement and an investment worth the price you’re paying.

Strapped shoes: These particular styles have come back into the style scenario in the recent years. It is obviously no shock that these designer masterpieces made a comeback. These kinds of shoes which usually have buckled straps go well with both suits and a casual look. If you are confused as to whether the dinner party thrown by your boss is a more casual or formal meeting, opt for these strapped men’s casual leather shoes as these are the safest options that go down well with both formal and casual occasions. What on earth does this line means? These shoes are available both in leather as well as suede. The strap can be either single or double. Both these have a different kind of as aesthetic. If you want to make a statement and are ready to experiment with fashion, go for the double straps whereas if you want to opt for a more simple and casual look go for the single strap design, it reduces the bulk as well. Also known as the monk straps these single strap shoes are available in many different colors. Chinos, trousers or even a casual outfit will go really well with strapped shoes, if you want to play safe, choose no color other than black and you’re good to go.

Open laced dress boots: another icon in the league of mens casual leather shoes is definitely the open laced dress boots. These boots can be worn with a pair of denims and trust me they will rotate eyes, wherever you go. Coming in different varieties and styles, these shoes are available in different colors well. If you are confident about your style then go for whatever color you want to get, but if you want to play safe, go for the dark colored ones. These mens casual leather shoes can be a little pricey, hence buy after thinking hard. If you are going to spend so much money buying shoes you must know how to care for them, unlike other leather shoes, these boots can easily be cleaned by mere polishing. Regular polishing will make the shoes look newer than ever.

Loafers: even though loaders have an unfair opinion about them, they still are a style statement and can add a casual yet smart look to the outfit. Loafers can be weird to be worn during winters but it does not mean that they can only be understood during the summer season. Loafers can be paired with both chinos and jeans, they create a fashion statement and a new look to whatever you wear. Leather or suede loafers both are equally iconic, making loafers one of the most bought mens casual leather shoes.

Boat shoes: these shoes fall under the mens casual leather shoes category as well and can be worn in summer months. Highly worn in case of casual deck or yacht parties, pair one of these with shorts, wayfarer sunglasses and a shirt to create a statement look.


It can be hard for some men to choose what exactly to wear for what occasion, whereas some others can dress up so well that they might pass as being styled by a designer. It differs from person to person, but most people get confused when it comes to dress according to the casual yet smart dressing code. There are many fashionably acceptable shoes in this category starting from trainers to even lace-up shoes or boots. Mens casual leather shoes can be broad ranged and if bought smartly then under a specified budget as well.

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