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Instagram Beauty Hacks | Craziest Makeup Tutorial Guide Compiled

The world of beauty and makeup has been around since ancient times. It definitely has experienced a lot of changes and innovation from different eras, culture, and civilization. In a time when social media is a way of living it isn’t at all surprising to find crazy Instagram Beauty Hacks and I have listed some of them for you.

Instagram Beauty Hacks | Craziest Makeup Tutorial Guide Compiled

Instagram has taken the world by storm and everyone is on it, check out every beauty aficionado’s must-know Instagram Beauty Hacks. I have listed down some of the craziest Instagram Beauty Hacks that rocked our social media world, check it out below:


Beauty Hack number 1: Reduce Dark Circles with Potato

The use of potato for brightening dark circles around the eyes is a known natural beauty hack.  Thanks to Instagram, it is easier to share beauty hacks to the rest of the world. It also doesn’t hurt that there seems to be some truth in it. Check out the video above.


Beauty Hack Number 2: Instagram Contouring and Highlighting

Contouring and highlighting techniques have been around for a long time. The main principle behind it is to create a chiseled face for stage or theater production. However, nowadays we see a proliferation of women wearing mask-like products on their face to achieve that sculpted, chiseled look for a night out with friends or just a stroll outside. Hey, makeup is anyone’s game and you can trust Instagram artists to take it over the top.


Beauty Hack Number 3: Contour with Cocoa

When in doubt, your kitchen counter has a lot of ingredients you can use for a quick Instagram beauty hacks like this cocoa contour. Just make sure it’s unsweetened! Scoop out a pea sized amount, mix it in with your usual foundation and apply.


Beauty Hack Number 4: Scotchbrite To Use As Makeup Sponge

Another ingenious way of saving up on the bucks instead of buying a cosmetic sponge is by using one of the kitchen cleaning staples, the Scotchbrite. It does the same thing that a cosmetic sponge does. However, I can imagine the larger pores of the sponge absorbing more product than it should. Plus, it also feels rough, so it exfoliates your face unnecessarily.


Beauty Hack Number 5: Voluminous Lashes with Baby Powder and Mascara

Now this hack sounds genius to me, no need to buy a separate voluminous mascara, just dust with baby powder, give your lashes a second coat and voila! You now have thick long lashes that flatter your eyes.


Check out this video by Natalies Outlet for more makeup hacks that actually work!

When you know the basics of beauty and makeup, you can bend the rules. Go ahead and try these fun and crazy ideas and see if they actually work for you. I bet you that the discovery of knowing what you want and what works is one of the reasons behind these Instagram beauty hacks.

What do you think of these Instagram Beauty Hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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