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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Is Releasing A Black Highlighter For Halloween!

The genius Jeffree Star Cosmetics has come up with a special treat for us this Halloween: a black highlighter that can potentially change makeup forever!

Hey, ladies, I probably have the best news ever this Halloween. Jeffree Star Cosmetics has just released a limited-edition highlighter in the market- a black highlighter to be specific! Can you believe that? It’s called Onyx Ice Frost. I never thought I’d live to see the day I’d get my hands on this kind of product and shade. I can’t just contain my excitement over it, so here I am, blabbering about it perhaps within the next 5 minutes. Anyway, in this blog post, I hope to provide you with information about this newest strobing sensation.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Is Releasing A Black Highlighter For Halloween!

5 Cool Things You Have To Know About The Hottest Jeffree Star Cosmetics Highlighter To Date

The black highlighter I’ve been waiting for for months is finally here! Wasn’t it only last June when Jeffree Star Cosmetics hinted its arrival on Snapchat? The Internet went crazy! Talk about anticipation. I have yet to receive mine – just placed my order a couple of hours to go – so I don’t really know what to expect. What I learned, however, are the following:


1. It’s the first black highlighter – ever!

Virtually all types of makeup are available in different colors and shades. This way there’s always the right makeup for every skin tone, and we girls can have all the fun experimenting with our looks. Highlighters are not an exception. We have great ones from Becca, Nars, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve also seen a lot of choices for colors. But there’s no black! In other words, the Onyx Ice Frost highlighter from Jeffree Stars Cosmetics is the first of its kind in the market. How cool is it then that you have one?


2. It’s shimmery and glittery

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Shimmer is expected in highlighters and illuminators. How else can you achieve glowing skin? Onyx Ice Frost, however, is not just shimmery–it’s also glittery. Just check out how it compares to other Frost highlighter colors mint and deep freeze. And again, it’s black. Glittery black? Why not?


3. Sorry, it’s for Halloween only

Here’s another great reason why YOU HAVE TO OWN ONE. It’s not going to be around for long – as a matter of fact, it’s only good for the Halloween. Yup, this is a limited-edition highlighter. That’s not really surprising because he’s done it before! Remember summer? Nevertheless, a girl can dream. I really feel this is going to be huge and amazing, so I’m crossing my fingers Jeffree Star Cosmetics will change its mind and makes this a regular.


4. You can light up yourself with it

Highlighters are applied on certain areas of the face, preferably the upper part of the cheekbones, the edges of the eyes, and the nose bridge. This is to make sure when light reflects on your skin, the glow doesn’t appear off and awkward. That, ladies, is a very embarrassing situation. Onyx Ice Frost is a different breed, though. Sure, you can apply this on the face, but you can also use it to cover your eyes. In fact, use it ALL OVER YOUR BODY! With it, you can shine and be all glittery as you conquer your scheduled Halloween parties.


5. Or you can have smoking-hot eyes

Don’t fancy my glitters-galore idea? That’s perfectly fine! It turns out this Jeffree Cosmetics highlighter is just as reliable in creating a really gorgeous eye makeup. Smoky, sensuous, appealing – look at how the colors can make your eyes pop! Pair this with Velour liquid lipstick in Posh Spice, and you can look hot, hot, hot.


I know you’re curious how you’re going to look like once you use the black highlighter. Perhaps this extreme makeup challenge can give you a pretty good idea. Check this video by Jeffree Star:

I am so ready and excited to try Onyx Ice Frost! How about you? Regardless whether we’ll look awesome or blah, let’s go have some fun this season. Get all those creative juices out and embrace the crazy, happy you. If you haven’t bought one yet, then go here. It’s only for $29!


What do you think of Jeffree Star Cosmetics Onyx Ice Frost? Would you consider buying one? I sure hope so and then let me know how it looks on you in the Comments section below. Wondering how awesomely good the Skin Frosts are? Read our review here!


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