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Kat Von D Beauty New Eyeshadow Palette Sneak Peek

Kat Von D Beauty New Eyeshadow Palette Sneak Peek

Wondering what’s coming up on Kat Von D beauty line? Take a sneak peek!

*Feature image via Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty New Eyeshadow Palette Sneak Peek

Our emotions had been on a rollercoaster ride since Kat Von D shared a photo of a sketch months ago on Instagram. It was a lettering for her makeup line’s new product coming up. In her IG photo caption, she already revealed that Serpentina is an eyeshadow palette!

Every Kat Von D-evotees (and that includes me) got so excited to see what will be the look of this new eyeshadow palette. It got us wondering what will be the colors, the finishes, the name of each shade and of course when it’s going to be released? Until Kat Von D teased us again in Snapchat and Twitter about what’s inside this upcoming palette – in black and white (well-played Kat Von D). SMH

Just a few days ago, she finally revealed – YES! No more grey filter this time! The new eyeshadow palette has eight beautiful shades and a pot on the end. It has rich colors including  red, blue, green and mooore! We’re loving the Kat Von D Beauty Snap below.

Kat Von D Beauty New Eyeshadow Palette Sneak Peek
Serpentina Eyeshadow | Image via Bustle

But Serpentina is a limited edition palette. That’s right, ladies! It is only available for a limited time. So you better mark your calendars for its release date on July 5th and it will be available at Sephora. You don’t want to miss this, ladies — trust me!

This amazing eyeshadow pallet has an elegant packaging with a touch of rock and gothic style, and of course, it’s vegan, as what the brand always strives for.

Just look at those colors — I’m guessing we only have a few hours (or even minutes!) before it sells out! So grab it the minute it goes on sale. Oh well, another #flymoneyfly moment for us makeup lovers.


So what are your thoughts for Serpentina? Share it with us on Twitter.


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  • Peggy Greenwell
    Posted June 24, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS!! Thanks for the heads up on this because I had no clue. I have almost every single liquid lipstick, studded lipsticks and nearly half her eyeshadow palettes. The colors in this one are like nothing at all like any palette color selection I have seen previously before it. I must have this the moment it’s released. Just one thing I would like to make mention of and that is how I wish Kat would release a palette and make it a part of her regular collection instead of always making so many of her palettes limited editions. What’s the point to doing this to people by making an item a limited edition as opposed to just creating an item that will be a part of a collection that is always available?

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