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How To Do Special Effects Makeup Tutorial

Who doesn’t look forward to Halloween?

The time where you can be who you want to be.  Isn’t that so grand?  Let’s check out great ideas that you can show off during Halloween parties!

10 Special Effects Makeup Tutorials

1. Stapled Eye Makeup

via Zoeebella

2. Flesh Eating Bacteria

via goldiestarling

 3. Severed Fingers

via Kiana Jones SFX

 4. Masquerade Flesh Mask

via Bonnie Corban SFX

 5. Blind Seer

via KlairedelysArt

6. Burnt/Two Face

via Mel Rose

 7. Gross and Gory Chelsea Smile

via LetzMakeup

 8. Wicked Witch

via MadeYewLook

 9. Unzipped Mouth

via Bobby Cohen

 10. Blodig øye ( Bloody eye)

via Heidi Larsen MUA


Let’s gear up for Halloween!

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