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Face Looks

How to do face makeup, how to match foundation, how to apply foundation, how to pick foundation, how to apply moisturizer, the best facial moisturizers on the market. How to properly use facial makeup and how to apply makeup.

Makeup Tutorials For Beginners: Full Face Makeup Tutorial
Need makeup tutorials for beginners? Find out which foundations are best suited for your skin type & tone. We teach you everything to get started here. Lesson 19: Full Face Makeup Tutorial For Beginners In this video, you'll learn how to identify your skin type and tone, as well as the best foundations for your skin…
Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial Using Drugstore Products
Ladies, we’ve got Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial and various hairstyles guaranteed to make his eyes glued to you the whole date! Today’s look is all about subtle sexiness—perfect for Feb. 14! RELATED: Makeup For Hooded Eyes | How To Apply Full Eye Makeup In this article: Preparations for Valentine's Day Different Hairstyles That Match Your Makeup Look…
Cool Everyday Punk Makeup Tutorial
Beautiful, glamorous, and yes - edgy. These are three words to describe Sara Garcia, one of our favorite makeup artists.  Here she recreates her daily look: A glamorous punk rock makeup tutorial. Sara's styling is what makes it so edgy. The bold brow and winged eyeliner are an achievable look to incorporate into any daily getup. Add…
11 Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses
Need makeup tips for when you wear glasses? Here's 11 tips for applying makeup when you have glasses on.  11 Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses Makeup application is quite a handful for most women. Add a pair of eyeglasses into the equation and applying and maintaining makeup can be quite an impossible feat for…
6 Natural Eye Make up For Women Over 40
When you are over 40 years old, it is a grave mistake to use make up in making you look younger than your age. At this age, your aim in applying make up must be to achieve a fresh and good look for your age. For women over 40, their main focus should be their eyes.…
How To Apply Eyeshadow | Makeup Tutorials
7 Best Blush Products To Make Your Skin Glow
  There is something charming and alluring in the whitish colors of winter. Those silver and blue theme can now be seen in various runways, parties and events especially since the debut of the movie Frozen. But If there is one thing that the blue and silver combo does not look good on, it is our…
feature | Ultimate Makeup Foundation Guide You Wouldn't Learn On Youtube
7 Easy Makeup Tips For Flawless Coverage
Hate the caked on makeup look? We do too, which is why we put together this makeup tutorial for flawless coverage that'll keep your look natural and beautiful!
16 Photos That Prove Women With Freckles Are Beautiful
Gone are the days when freckles need concealers. More women with freckles flaunt celebrate them, and these include the following images proving they're awesome and beautiful. RELATED: Makeup Tips For Women With Freckles Women with Freckles Are Lovely, See for Yourself 1. Long Hair Don't Care Long Hair Don't Care Photo by Buzz Feed Freckles are gorgeous especially…
Makeup Before And After Photos | Makeup Tutorials
Whether someone transforms their looks by making their face look slimmer with a contouring tutorial or their eyes pop with falsies, makeup can have a remarkable effect on the internal and external. Check out these amazing makeup before and after photos that reveal the true power of makeup. Makeup Before And After Photos That Will Stun…
Assorted Eye Shadow and Blusher Palette-drugstore beauty products-px-feature
The Best Drugstore Makeup & Tutorials
Are you shopping for makeup on a budget? Buying makeup can be pretty tough on the wallet if you're used to paying department store prices. Check out our awesome list of the best drugstore makeup brands for frugal moms. Can't decide what you need? Check out these brands that will help put you on the road to having a little more money in your pocket. The holidays are coming up and who doesn't want a little extra spending room? Check them out below!
The Best Anti Aging Face Creams
Do you think facial creams are the solution to dry and aging skin? Well, you may be right. Don't miss our special on how to turn back the hands of time and reverse the signs of aging in a pinch with these awesome anti-aging products with a few simple steps.