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Face Looks

How to do face makeup, how to match foundation, how to apply foundation, how to pick foundation, how to apply moisturizer, the best facial moisturizers on the market. How to properly use facial makeup and how to apply makeup.

19 Blackhead Dissolving Gels For Clear Skin
We all dream of having clear skin free of blackheads. Do you want to achieve blackhead free skin without harming your pores? Try using a blackhead dissolving gel that gently sweeps away debris and leaves your pores less likely to retain dirt and unwanted build up. Check out our favorite blackhead removers that we recommend for daily use!
11 Ways To Fix Your Makeup After You’ve Been Crying
That feeling when you've just done your makeup and immediately after you feel like crying. So you do. You cry and you know your eyelashes are stuck together, your mascara is running down your cheeks, and you've got these terrible unsightly streaks on your face. 11 Ways To Fix Your Makeup After You've Been Crying So…
Makeup Tutorials | Makeup With Eyeglasses
Are you a slave of your glasses?   Makeup Tutorials | Makeup With Eyeglasses Wanting to do makeup but is thinking twice because of your glasses? Fear no more! There's no more reason for you not to glam up just because someone is covering your face.  Follow this eyeglasses makeup tutorial and be all made up with…