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close up photo of pink lip gloss | Best Drugstore Lip Gloss You'll Obsess With | Featured
10 Best Drugstore Lip Gloss You’ll Obsess With
Affordable drugstore brands have been upping their game. They bring us the best lip products with fun packaging and to-die-for formulas! Whether you prefer a gloss that reflects (and protects against) the sun or one that works as a hybrid moisturizer, I've lined up for you the cream(y) of the crop. Here are the crown jewels…
16 Easy Natural Hairstyles Perfect For Growing Out Your Hair
Whether you're growing out your natural roots or short hair, here are some easy hairstyles you can cop to smooth the process! Your OOTD will thank you. There's always an awkward stage we have to trudge forward from when we dye our hair or experiment with a very short haircut. Thankfully there are easy natural hairstyles…
Beautiful Updo Hairstyle Tutorials for Medium Length Hair

Beautiful updo hairstyles are perfect for many different occasions. And even the most intricate looking ones are often easier than they seem.

You might think that some styles can only work on long hair, but that's not the case at all. Even with short or medium length hair you can easily change up your boring hair with cool updos.

These easy updo tutorials can give you some great ideas

Eva Longoria Sultry Makeup Tutorial
Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood so its not surprise that women are itching to find out her beauty secrets! Well we can help you with that, thanks to this easy, breezy makeup tutorial you too can can look like this beautiful Latina actress!   The Eva Longoria Sultry Makeup Tutorial   Learn…
How to Fix Broken Makeup
There are different ways to fix or repair broken makeup and even restore the old ones you have. Life can really be unfair sometimes. You just bought an Urban Decay Naked Palette and you accidentally dropped it. A couple of the shades broke. Should you just throw those broken palettes away? Of course not! Review…
8 Best Beauty Apps to Download Now
Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and it has become very helpful to our daily lives, especially if it helps us solve our beauty qualms. Will this hair color look good on me? How will I look five years from now? You can also glam up your photos with photo editor apps that allow you to smoothen out…
10 Beauty Tips to Look Younger
Frankly speaking, who doesn't want to look young? We all want to take years off our age but can only do so much once signs of aging skin begin to appear. But don't fear, while we cannot reverse the river of time, we can learn to make it work for us. So here are 10…
Makeup Tutorials for Black Women
Here at Makeup Tutorials, we celebrate women of every race and color. And today, we're reaching out to all the beautiful dark-skinned women out there to check out the best makeup tutorials we've rounded up. We have back-to-school looks, prom makeup, and even trending makeup styles that are sure to stun. Check out each tutorial below: 1. Full-On…
Quick Braids for Short Hair
Women with short hair are known to prefer low-maintenance hairstyles . These women like the wash n' wear look without the need to spend an hour or two styling it. On the other hand, short-haired women also exude unbridled sexiness and confidence despite spending way less time styling the hair. However, it doesn't have to be…
Mature Makeup to Dazzle on The Red Carpet
Helen Mirren never fails to look spectacular on the red carpet. Despite her age, she still pulls off a smokey eye look and even dons bright red lips. Many mature women wonder how Helen pulls off this party look without looking like she's trying too hard to look young and hip. Today, you'll learn how…
beauty benefits of honey
5 Natural Hair Removers
Unwanted hair growth is a common nuisance for women. In areas like the legs, arms, underarm and back, you want to avoid growing unsightly hair. However, hair growth is something you have no control of. So, what do you do? Instead of removing hair every day or every other day, why don't you give these 5…
11 Sassy Ponytail Hairstyles
A ponytail is every woman's best kept secret; it's the go-to option for bad hair days, fancy events or even casual outings. Even some of our favorite celebs boasts a ponytail every now and then. We will show you some updated ponytail hairstyles guaranteed to turn heads!

11 Sassy Party Ponytail Hairstyles

With these easy DIY tutorials you can have a fabulous new hairstyle every day of the week. Check them out below!

1.Loose and Wavy

p1 This long wavy ponytail is perfect for work; it looks stylish yet professional and is quite easy to achieve.  First, use a large curling iron to create waves in the hair then brush the hair to loosen up any tight curls. Take a section of the hair and wrap it around the rest, then secure with a bobby pin. Remove a few hairs from the front to create a long bang.


| This one is perfect for weddings, or holiday parties and requires a lot more effort than the regular ponytail. You'll need to add curls to your hair, then section it in three parts and use a hairband or elastic to secure each section. Pull a few hairs from the front to create a side swept bang, then pull all the hair from the bottom and middle ponytails up to the top ponytail. Wrap a few strands of hair around the top to hide the hairband then add a fancy headband.

3. Textured 

| Use a small or medium size curling iron to create a head-full of curls. Use a tail comb to section off some long layers at the front then tease a few hairs at the top to make the hair look fuller and thicker. Use a hairband to pull hair into a ponytail then bring the hair at the front right above the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.

4.Fancy Flower 

| This one is a bit more complicated, but totally worth it in the end. Add a few layers to the hair than section of the top section of hair a hairband. Create a loose plait at the end and secure with a rubber band, then roll the hair in a circular, upwards motion and pin with a bobby pin.

5.Hair Bow

| Pull your hair into a ponytail and use some of your hair to wrap around the hairband. Section the ponytail in two and use a rubber band to pull some of the hair atop the ponytail then split in two like the image above. Use a small section of the hair to wrap around the middle and your're done.

6. Messy 

|   Create some curls in your hair and use a comb to tease the roots then use a head band to secure the hair.

7.Side Cornrow

ponytail   Recreate Jessica Alba's look a creating a side part and cornrowing  the hair from top to bottom. Pull the rest of the hair into a low, side swept pony and secure with a hairband; wrap a few sections of hair around the hairband to conceal it.

8.Twisted Curly 

Image via Hairromance
A quick yet stylish options for curly hair girls. Section off the front of your hair and put the back section in a ponytail. Create a flat twist on both sides hair down to the nape and use bobby pins to bring both ends of the twist at the top of the ponytail.

9.Sectioned Twist

| Section hair into 3 loose sections with a hairband then pull the hair from top section up and under the hairband and then into the middle hairband. Repeat this step with the middle section and thats pretty much it.

10.Edgy Cornrows

ponytail Create three large corns rows at the front of the head then pull everything up into a high ponytail. Tease the ends to create a messy, edgy look.

11.Cornrow headband

ponytail Section off the front of your hair and start cornrowing from one side of your head to the other. Bring the back section and the ends of the cornrow into a low, side ponytail and secure with a hairband. Use a few strands to wrap around the hairband.