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8 Best Beauty Apps to Download Now

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and it has become very helpful to our daily lives, especially if it helps us solve our beauty qualms. Will this hair color look good on me? How will I look five years from now? You can also glam up your photos with photo editor apps that allow you to smoothen out skin and even add makeup! You can do all this with just a few clicks.

1. Modiface

By far, Modiface is one of the most complete beauty apps out there. It features Skin Care Visualization, Anti-Aging Visualization, Hair Stimulation and Virtual Makeup Makeover. Simply put, you can check your skin, how you’d look like in a couple of years, what hair color will look good on you and try out different makeup looks too. This app is a must-have!

2. Makeup Genius

If you’re an iPhone user, then you can surely enjoy Makeup Genius. It uses a very advanced facial mapping technology that won’t even require a photo. All you need is a front-facing camera that will scan 64 points of the face for the program to apply makeup by itself. However, right now, the app only features L’Oreal makeup products.

3. Beauty Booked

Have no time to surf the Web to look for the best beauty salons or spa near you? Don’t worry because Beauty Booked will hook you up! Women who live in Dallas, Houston, New York City or Los Angeles only need to open this app to find salons and spas where they can instantly book their appointments. Talk about hassle-free bookings.

4. The Glam App

Renowned celebrity hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf is the brainchild of this app. If the previous app hooks you up with salons and spas, The Glam App will set you up with the best stylists in town. Pick your own stylist based on the services they offer. So if you’re in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Dallas or Orange County, feel free to try this app out.

5. FaceTune

There’s really no shame in wanting to post enhanced photos. If you want to remove those red eyes, brighten teeth or make zits disappear, you can try FaceTune on your smartphone. It’s very simple and easy-to-use, yet, will get the results you’re looking for. This app is available on Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

6. Spruce

As you may know, the foundation of beauty is good skin. So before you shop for an insane number of beauty products, why not focus on improving your skin first? Spruce doubles as a beauty and health app as it will help you find certified dermatologists that can help with your skin problems. Once you’ve chosen a skin doctor, you can book an appointment. However, the appointment need not be a face-to-face one. You can simply send photos and details of the skin issue and the dermatologist will reply with a personalized treatment plan within 24 hours. How convenient is that?

7. Visada

Visada is your personal beauty advisor. Upload your photo and the app will build a customized beauty profile for you. It will assess your skin and offer a beauty regimen that will help improve your skin and look. Visada also makes hair and makeup suggestions.

8. Top Coat

Top Coat is for the nail art lover who wants to find the best nail artists in town. Book your appointments through the app and also pay through it. But best of all, Top Coat also lets you showcase your nails as well as give you tons of ideas on what you can do with your nails. It is indeed the must-have nail app for all iPhone users.

These beauty and makeup apps are designed to improve your looks and your overall beauty experience. Take your pick and try them now and let us know which one you’re raving about.


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