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Freedom Wig – Create Your Own Custom Wig

Wigs are not just for fashion statements or to change up your look, there are many conditions where women lose their hair and wigs can really help to boost their confidence.

by Tanthony ReaShawn

Freedom wigs are great for: Change of Appearance, Role Playing with husband, etc.

Freedom Wigs will afford you the opportunity to add your personal style to your wig.
Freedom Wigs is a great party theme for a girlfriend’s get together.

What you will need:

  • Extensions on a Weft
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Cap
  • Wig Cap
  • Bonding Glue
  • Mannequin Head or Foam Head
  • Wig Pin or Sewing Pins
  • Comb & Brush


Step 1

Place the plastic over the Mannequin head or Foam Head securely

Next you will place wig cap securely over plastic cap (if wig cap slides up just use the wig pins to add additional security until complete)

Step 2

Wrap the weft around the full circumference of the mannequin head starting from the bottom working the same technique in a upward circle as you apply bonding glue on to the cap be as you wrap the weft.

Step 3

When you have about 80% of the Freedom Wig completed you will then apply your center piece precisely in the center and about 3- 4inches from the front of the wig cap.

Step 4

Now after the center piece is secured clamp it up. Then you will proceed with the same upward circular technique as before until there is no visibility of the wig cap.

Step 5

After the bonding glue is completely dry and weft is secure on cap you will now flip your freedom wig in reverse to remove plastic cap or trim the excess plastic cap.

Step 6


Lastly you can now trim and style your completed Freedom Wig as desired.

Enjoy your Freedom!!!

Freedom Wigs By Tanthony RaeShawn 2015

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