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Makeup Tutorials | Straight Hair, No Heat

Are you girls tired of blow drying and flat ironing your wavy, curly tresses? 

The Straight Hair, No Heat Tutorial

Are you afraid of the damages that heat can do to your locks in due time? Are you looking for a home remedy to your wavy, curly hair without heat? Well, gear up ladies! Here’s a great solution that is worth trying.  Imagine straight hair without heat!  Now get ready to be awesome with this no heat straightening technique!

What you will need:






What to do?

Step 1.

Section your hair according to your liking (either middle or side).  Then tie one part of your hair.

Section your hair to your liking.

Start pulling those sections into ponytails.

Step 2.

Make sure to gather any loose hairs.

Bobby pin the front and back of your hair.

Brush the loose part of your hair.  Pull the hair then bobby pin on the top part. Continue the brushing and pinning of the hair until you finish the end part of the loose hair.

Step 3.

Divide your hair into large sections.

Now divide your hair into smaller, more manageable sections.

Make sure every strand of hair is bobby pinned down.

Continue sectioning and bobby pinning your hair.

Now work with the tied section of the hair.  Separate the hair into two parts – working first with the upper part then continue with the bobby pins.  The same thing as with Step 1.

Step 4.

After you’ve bobby pinned your hair, put your wig cap on.
After bobby pinning all the hair.  Put on the wig cap.  And wait until the hair dries (this can be done overnight).

You’re Finished!

Are you going to try this out? Let us know how it goes in the Comments section below!


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